Pacific Coast Hemlock

Metrie is the world leader in hemlock mouldings. Our Ferndale, Washington facility is the largest hemlock moulding mill in the world. Metrie’s Pacific Coast Hemlock mouldings, boards and frames are durable and versatile.


Metrie™ exclusively manufactures Pacific Coast Hemlock, which features the following benefits:

Pitch and resin free
Eliminates blotching and bleeding through the finished surface.

Superior stain ability
Hemlock mouldings are suitable for all colors of stain or clear coat finishes. This versatility allows you to finish your hemlock mouldings to match doors, floors or cabinets with a variety of wood finishes.

Consistent color
With little variation in grain or color, you can easily install hemlock mouldings throughout the home without spending time matching each piece.

Durability for a variety of uses
Pacific Coast Hemlock Mouldings hold nails or screws very well, with no concerns over cracks or separations in the wood. In addition, it is resistant to splintering. Its resistance to scrapes and dents makes it ideal for use in high-traffic areas.

Subtle grain
The tight fine grain of Pacific Coast Hemlock allows for a wide range of styles. Create looks from bold and rustic to soft and elegant.

Long-length structure
Pacific Coast Hemlock’s long-length structure surpasses what is available in most other types of wood.


The following products are available from Metrie manufacturing:

  • Clear stain grade mouldings
  • Moulded vertical and mixed-grain S4S boards
  • Full line of solid and engineered door jambs
  • Door-cut stock
  • Stair components
  • Spindle and baluster blanks
  • Edge-glued and finger-jointed products


  • There are over 200 profiles to suit any design idea, from classic colonial to modern craftsman, as well as the capability to create custom designs
  • We have a complete line of moulded S4S boards, in both vertical and mixed grain, ranging from 1/2" to 1" and 4/5" thickness, and up to 12" wide
  • Metrie’s hemlock tallies of 6’ to 20’ cater to all of your project length requirements
  • Stair components

These features enable us to efficiently provide our customers with the highest quality product on the market, with responsive lead times.


Metrie™ is an industry leader in quality and production standards and we provide our customers with a superior product. This enables them to sell at premium prices, which results in higher sales and higher margins.

  • Over 80 years of buying relationships with our key suppliers allows us to consistently source the best fibre on the market.
  • Our in-house profile design department uses the latest CAD technology
  • An ability to match existing or create new custom profiles
  • Users of Weinig moulders, the leader in the industry
  • Production tolerances of 0.2mm, four times the industry standard of 0.8mm

Metrie’s Pacific Coast Hemlock provides high-end results and exceptional value.


Celebrity designers Amanda Forrest and Andrew Pike tour Metrie's Hemlock manufacturing plant and learn some surprising things about how moulding is made using one of North America's most desirable wood species in home décor.