Douglas Fir

Metrie sources Douglas Fir that is a rich blonde color and sourced in close proximity to the mill. Our relationships with key suppliers, some dating back to our beginnings in the 1920’s, allows us to consistently source the best fiber in the market.

Benefits of Douglas Fir

Consistent Warm Color

With subtle variation in grain and a rich warm color, this wood stains well and leaves your home with a distinctive feel and character.

Premium Clear Product

Douglas Fir is shade intolerant, therefore as the tree grows the lower branches self-prune providing more area of the tree with consistent knot free fiber. This allows for a clean, consistent, long length structure. Metrie has the ability to produce moulding profiles up to 12”

Versatile Grain

Douglas Fir offers two distinct grain patterns. The Mixed Grain (or Flat Grain) offers a coarse, wide, light to dark pattern. In contrast, the Vertical Grain (or Edge Grain) pattern is more consistent in color and offers a tight grain pattern.

The hardest of the soft woods

Being the hardest of all softwoods, Douglas Fir mouldings hold nails or screws well, with minimal cracking or splitting. Its resistance to splintering and scrapes or dents make it ideal for use in high traffic areas.