Complete™ Pre-Painted Mouldings

Pre-painted and ready to install! Metrie™ Complete pre-painted mouldings eliminate the need to prep or paint before installing – saving you valuable time. No drips or mess on floors or walls because Metrie Complete comes with a beautiful smooth paint finish for a flawless look.

This pre-painted moulding features a special water-based paint solution that is non-metal-marking to prevent scratches, scuffs and fading. Ideal for high-traffic areas in the home or wherever you want your trim to look fresh and new for a long time.

And, there are touch-up kits and accessories should you need them that will help you during installation and that extend the pristine look of your trim. Simply touch up after installation using the accessory paint, putty, caulk and wax which have been expertly color-matched to the pre-painted moulding. Even small holes from nails or other marks that may occur during installation can be made invisible with our touch-up products.

The Complete advantage

  • No need to prep or paint and no drips, mess or spills to clean up
  • No brush marks or brush bristles that can mar the smooth surface finish of your trim
  • Saves time and the cost of primer and paint, with fewer steps and no dry time
  • Durable FinTek non-metal marking paint finish resists scuffs and marks and is ideal for high-traffic areas, children’s rooms or hallways
  • Flexes to prevent cracks, and prevents yellowing or fading with UV inhibitors.
  • Water-based formula
  • A factory finish that gives a smooth, crisp look, ideal for feature rooms in the home
  • Color matching system ensures the perfect paint match across all trim and moulding elements and with the accessory touch-up products
  • Touch-up kits are available with everything you need to finish the job including wax fill stick, putty, caulk and touch-up spray paint
How to Install Crown Moulding
Measuring a Room for Interior Finishings

Metrie Complete is available at selected retail outlets in Polar White - a decorator's white that complements any décor. For information on custom color options for larger residential or commercial development applications, please contact the Metrie distributor nearest you.