You Won’t Believe How Scary These Stunning Spaces Used to Be

October 3, 2019
by The Finished Space

There are scarier things than ghosts and ghouls; check out these haunting before pictures that turned into some of our favorite spaces. You won’t believe how designers, like Nate and Jeremiah, have taken these rooms from terrifying to trimmed and truly finished! Read on, if you dare!

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful”- Hazrat Inayat Khan, from Goodreads

Bethany Gier's wooden kitchen transforms into a charming urban country design

WHO: Bethany Gier | This Little Estate
WHAT: Knotty pine tongue & groove paneling
WHERE: Kitchen (Before)

Before Bethany got her hands on this ‘little estate’, the kitchen was a haunted forest of cherry-stained wood. Now, Bethany’s kitchen feels more spacious than ever! The neutral palette opens up the space and makes it feel clean and bright, while the tongue & groove paneling on the island adds some modern farmhouse charm!


Nate and Jeremiah renovate this living room as part of their show, "Nate and Jeremiah by Design"

WHO: Nate Berkus & Jerermiah Brent | Nate & Jeremiah by Design (S3.E4)
WHAT: Option {M} Bohemian baseboard
WHERE: Well-Traveled Living Room

Nate and Jeremiah took on this project for a young family as part of their hit show, Nate & Jeremiah by Design. A major task was to adjust the height of the fireplace and install the floor-to-ceiling glass doors. After their hard work, this once unused room is now a well-traveled hub for social activity.

Check out our post here to see the rest of the house!


Emily Henderson takes this bedroom and creates a beautiful open-concept dining space

WHO: Emily Henderson | Style by Emily Henderson
WHAT: Very Square crown moulding, architrave, casing, and baseboard
WHERE: Portland Project Dining Room (Before)

By far the biggest change on this list is Emily’s classy dining room that was once a cramped and carpeted bedroom! Emily really shows us that any space has the potential to become a masterpiece. Using moulding from our curated Very Square Collection throughout both the dining room and adjoining living room, Emily is able to play with wall treatments and patterns while creating a cohesive look from top to bottom!


Ashley Wilson renovates her laundry room to add color and height

WHO: Ashley Wilson | At Home with Ashley
WHAT: Option {M} New Traditional crown moulding, casing, and baseboard | Option {M} Modern Farmhouse shiplap, and wainscot cap
WHERE: Laundry Room

It’s hard to believe this is the same room, as Ashley’s new laundry room feels so much more spacious than the cramped corner it once was! By pushing the ceiling up onto a slant and lining it with shiplap, Ashley has elevated this room both in height and style. Ashley used our Option {M} trim throughout the space to ensure that every last piece works together, while allowing her the freedom to play with her style.


Roxanne West creates an open bathroom with a gorgeous glass shower and claw-foot tub

WHO: Roxanne West | Bonjour Bliss Blog
WHAT: Fashion Forward interior doors*
WHERE: Bathroom

Roxanne’s redesigned bathroom plays with geometry, combining horizontally paneled walls with the popular Fashion Forward interior door’s rounded panels. The light palette and glass shower opens up the space while the wooden accessories bring in a natural feel. This new bathroom is just inviting you to take a soothing soak in that gorgeous claw-foot tub.


Whew! Those unfinished spaces were truly frightening! Luckily they were saved by the creative sense of some savvy designers. Have a project you’re working on? Tag us on social media @officialmetrie and share your scary before and stunning after photos!

*While Metrie’s trim and moulding are distributed throughout North America, interior doors are only offered in Canada.