Part I: What Happens in Vegas…

January 26, 2016
by The Finished Space

For the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Metrie took inspiration from Sin City and decided to ‘go big or go home’ when creating our brand new booth.

Working alongside a number of extremely talented designers, Metrie built an out-of-this-world display meant to inspire and highlight the individuality our five Metrie Then & Now Finishing Collections through five unique room vignettes.

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The first vignette, entitled The Foodie’s Kitchen, was conceived by renowned kitchen and bath designer Ellen Cheever. She created a culinary masterpiece featuring the True Craft Collection. The welcoming space boasts elegant shaker style detailing and is accented with extraordinary geometry of the Arts & Crafts Movement.

“Using invitingly warm brown tones of Vertical Grain Douglas Fir moulding from the True Craft Collection adds drama to the doorways and walls,” explained Ellen. “I have accented these moulding details with a custom hood and architecturally styled passage doors with solid and glass center panels from the same Collection.”

A stand out feature in The Foodie’s Kitchen was the unique use of the Collection’s Ikons.

“I finished by dotting these details with accents using the True Craft Ikons at the ceiling frame, along one of the door architraves, and as an accent in the pull-out shelves below the cooking surface,” noted Ellen.


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Designer and vlogging sensation Cheryl Torrenueva’s creation of The Weekender’s Retreat Foyer vignette has us in a permanent state of wanderlust.

“My inspiration was a Parisian boutique hotel and combines the convex moulding designs from the French Curves Scene II Collection,” said Cheryl. “I was able to create magnificent build-ups using unexpected combinations such as panel moulding with baseboards and crown moulding with casings, keeping the look fresh and dynamic. The curves in the paneled doors add just the right amount of softness to the space.”

This softness is particularly evident in Cheryl’s layering of trim in the corners where the ornate paneling meets the convex lines of the crown moulding, creating an understated yet glamorous look.

The space is kept grounded by the white walls and brought to life with splashes of color in the unique wallpaper.

“The color palette includes subtle contrasts in the white painted walls and trim, transforming the beautiful wall coverings in blue and green hues into works of art,” added Cheryl.

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Designer extraordinaire Amanda Forrest created a boldly hip space using the Fashion Forward Collection in The Socialite’s Dressing Room.

“In designing this space I had in mind a client whose personal over-the-top style was only matched by those on the silver screen – she lived a socialite’s life and had the wardrobe to match,” explained Amanda. “With a tongue-in-cheek nod to Art Deco style, this glamorous boudoir space is feminine with a distinctly bold edge.”

The distinctive element in this space is by far the Fashion Forward interior doors.

“The iconic doors take center stage in the design – setting the tone for the fabulous closet displayed behind them,” noted Amanda.

Additionally, Amanda’s use of the Fashion Forward Ikons painted in a metallic gold on the ceiling, surrounded by glamorous floral wallpaper, is jaw dropping!

Amanda has created a room that any girl would love to get ready in!  

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Design expert Aly Velji’s modern interpretation of The Author’s Library has us swooning.

“A library is often thought of as a room that is very traditional and heavy in wood detail,” explained the celebrity designer. “In the ‘Author’s Library,’ I wanted to create a sense of modernity but also mix in traditional aspects in subtle ways. Using Scene II of the Pretty Simple Collection, staining the Red Oak in an almost black ebony stain, helps to create that modern look.”

In Aly’s design, it’s hard to miss that fifth wall.

“Using moulding in a unique way as a ceiling treatment helps to highlight the characteristics of this unconventional library,” he said. “Bringing in some yellow breathes life into the space, creating contrast with the dark wood. The brass details used in the lighting ties together modern and traditional, creating an inviting space fit to in the lighting ties together modern and traditional, creating an inviting space fit to inspire any author.”  

Last but not least, the Very Square Finishing Collection was on display in two different ways.

First, a moody vignette by celebrity designer Andrew Pike titled The Sommelier’s Wine Cellar. Second, The Connoisseur’s Lobby Bar, crafted by the dynamic design duo Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard, which was a place where IBS guests could gather and relax over a fresh cup of brewed coffee.

Each space was designed around using the same Collection but the rooms are distinctive to themselves, ultimately showing the versatility of the Collection.  

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When asked about the inspiration behind the room, Andrew credits old wine cellars and rich dramatic spaces.

“I wanted to create a space that had all the bones of a very traditional wine tasting room but done in an updated way,” he said. “The gray stain on the White Oak gives it a very rich yet modern feeling, and the dark wall color makes the space feel moody. The Very Square Collection was perfect for the more modern feeling I wanted to encourage, and the strong yet simple lines work perfectly together in all the vertical lines of the cabinetry.”

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For The Connoisseur’s Lobby Bar, Alexandre and Benoit declare noted that the space they created had to be Rat Pack worthy and fiercely glamorous.

“The beautifully applied moulding, from the new wainscot solutions of the Very Square Collection created the perfect relief for the grand back-bar and its mother of pearl inlay, while the crisp casements and baseboards helped finish the dramatic setting.”

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