We’re Looking up This Month | Ceiling Treatments

August 16, 2018
by The Finished Space

Using interior finishings, create an eye-catching ceiling treatment that will make it the star of your space! Just take our Option {M} Bohemian bedroom, below, as an example: Metrie's Option {M} Bohemian styled space

No matter the ceiling height, a stylish fifth wall draws the eyes up, making a space feel grander. From crown moulding to panel mould, and coffered to geometric patterns, there are no limitations with how you can dress it up.

What type of ceiling treatment could give your space some added architectural interest? If you’re still unsure, discover the spaces below, that feature some exquisite ceiling designs:

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Let us know down below what your thoughts are on these ceiling treatments and be sure to come back to The Finished Space for more trimspiring content!