Vanessa Francis Styled an Exquisite Kitchen

July 7, 2017
by The Finished Space

In life, you’re more than likely to come across a saying that goes something like this, “life is created in the bedroom, but it is surely lived in the kitchen.” Although some individuals may not put their kitchen on such a high pedestal, it is hard to deny its importance. For many, a kitchen is the heart of the home—a place where meals are cooked to fuel the minds and souls of loved ones.

One woman took her kitchen to new heights and that woman is the very talented Vanessa Francis. We’re particularly excited about this space because we’ve had the amazing opportunity to showcase our product in Vanessa’s kitchen, which happened to be featured online at House & Home.

Meet Vanessa Francis

Vanessa is a Interior Decorator. She had worked in the human resource field prior to opening her interior design firm back in 2003, known as Vanessa Francis Design. She also operates under a blog known as Decor Happy where she showcases her adventure as a decorator and DIYer.

Clients often praise Vanessa for her capability to blend different styles, textures, and interior finishings that allow her to create distinctive and refreshing designs.

In essence, Vanessa define’s her style as simplicity with classic influences for an understated or modest appeal. She values both traditional and contemporary design elements to create a transitional effect.

Vanessa turned her expertise to her very own kitchen, and we’re extremely captivated by the transformation and can’t wait to show you the results!


A before image of Vanessa Francis's kitchen, prior to her revamp with Metrie's Very Square Collection crown moulding. Image Source: House & Home.

Source: House & Home

Vanessa’s old kitchen wore dark cabinetry and had gray backsplash subway tiles and laminate countertops.

Some individuals may love this kitchen as it was, however, Vanessa thought its aesthetics didn’t speak to her personal style.

Hence, Vanessa underwent a journey to elevate her kitchen!


Vanessa Francis reveals her newly revamped kitchen with the additions of Metrie's Very Square Scene II crown moulding to House & Home. Image Source: House & Home.

Source: House & Home

Such a drastic difference! We’re not quite sure where to start!

One of the most notable differences we recognized was the kitchen island. Vanessa opted for a long island rather than her kitchen’s former square. The elongated island adds more storage room but it also creates a more spacious atmosphere.

Vanessa also chose to brighten up her space with white cabinetry and subway tiles. The light color palette instantly livens the kitchen, as light permeates throughout the space.

Vanessa Francis talks about Metrie's Very Square Collection trim in her transformed kitchen with House & Home. Image Source: House & Home

Source: House & Home

We also love the large light fixtures suspended above the island. The large lanterns possess crisp edges at the bottom with soft and feminine lines up top, which complements the space’s crown moulding. These lanterns were a perfect choice as they don’t impede on people’s sightline, making the space look more sizable.


Metrie's Very Square Scene II crown moulding makes a regal appearance in Vanessa Francis's kitchen makeover brought to you by House & Home. Image Source: House & Home.

Source: House & Home


Crown moulding from our Very Square Collection made an appearance in Vanessa’s fabulous kitchen!

The close-up image of the crown reveals its geometrically precise lines for a modest appeal.



We love how the crown moulding extends the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling. This creates a heightened illusion as it makes the ceiling appear taller than it actually is. Consequently, allowing the space to look even more spacious!

In addition, Vanessa finished our trim in a clean white coat of paint to bring out a minimalistic allure.

Vanessa Francis pairs Metrie's Very Square Square Scene II crown moulding with black hardware and accessories in her new kitchen brought to you by House & Home: Image Source: House & Home.

Source: House & Home


We also love how Vanessa created a beautiful juxtaposition from using black cabinetry hardware, appliances, and even wall sconces to the rest of the space’s white color palette.




As a whole, Vanessa’s kitchen truly represents her simplistic style that is developed through contemporary and classical elements. From the subway tiles to the pegged island and undermounted sink, some may say this space exudes qualities of a modern farmhouse. What do you think?

To see the full video of Vanessa talking about her fabulously renewed kitchen, head to House & Home!

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