Trim Talk with Mark Mansfield

July 26, 2016
by The Finished Space

Whenever we’re presented with the opportunity to sit down with someone as well versed and as enthusiastic for interior finishings as Medallion Industries’ Mark Mansfield, we jump to take it! Recently, we caught up with the building materials expert to talk trim and our shared love of the industry.

With just about thirty years of experience, his hands-on understanding and his robust sales experience makes Mark one of the best and brightest in the industry.

Mark Mansfield of Medallion Industries sits down with The Finished Space to talk trim.

Mark began his extensive career by working in a door shop where he would assemble and pre-hang doors. Mark did this for about six years before he moved into sales for Medallion Industries, where he works directly with homeowners, architects, builders and designers to help them bring their spaces to life using trim and interior doors.

For 45 years, Medallion Industries has been a leader in the window, door and millwork market in the Portland area. Mark credits much of the company’s success to the strong family values the company has held throughout the years.

“We’re sort of like a family here,” he said. “Everyone works together. It’s not like a large company where you’re just a number. Everybody knows one another and works together, which makes it a fun place to be and creates a good environment.”

Mark Shares Our Love for Making the Selection of Mouldings Easy

Spanning over 25 feet, Medallion Industries is home to one of the largest Metrie Then & Now Finishing Collection displays. If you’re in the Portland area their showroom is a must see!

Medallion Industries showcases Metrie interior door in their Portlan showroom.

When Mark first heard about the Metrie’s Collections, he believed it was like a breath of fresh air in the industry.

“It was something different,” said Mark. “It was bigger and bolder! It’s always been the same thing forever. This was an opportunity for my customers to achieve a custom look.”

Medallion Industries’ showroom showcases Metrie's Fashion Forward glass interior door.

Mark was also quick to share which Collection spoke to him.

“I happen to like Fashion Forward Scene II and Scene III,” he said. “But, it has to go with the right house and look. I like how wide the Collection is and how substantial the patterns are.”

Getting that Custom Look for Less

“Moulding is what everybody sees. It enhances your openings for your doors and windows and creates a custom look.”

And achieving that one-of-a-kind look and feel in a space with interior finishings is simple and doesn`t have to cost a lot.

“Paint grade trim will be more affordable,” he offered. “It is on several levels because the finishers don’t have to charge as much because they don’t have to make everything perfectly and the painters don’t charge as much as they do for stain.”

But if you really want the look of wood without paying a steeper price, Mark has a suggestion.

“Choose a stain grade door and paint the jambs and the casing,” he noted. “That’s a good way to get a good bang for your buck, and still get the warmth of a wooden door and get the paint grade in your budget.”

Trending in the Pacific North West

When it comes to interior finishings in the Portland area there is no-one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, homeowners are selecting finishings based on the unique aesthetic of their home.

“The contemporary look is starting to take hold,” said Mark. “A lot of that is coming from the downtown area and being driven by the buyers— people moving here from California. In Portland, there are a lot of high rises and condos going in.”

“But all of a sudden, I’ll have one or two 8,000 or 9,000 square foot homes and those could be more of a traditional Fashion Forward look,” he added. “Or other people will go all toward a lodging look using rustic wood like Knotty Alder or Fir.”

NW Natural Street of Dreams

Since 1975, the Home Builder Association of Metro Portland has been hosting their signature summer event, which features the latest in residential construction in the Pacific Northwest in series of show-stopping homes.

This year, the 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams homes lay on top of a charming vineyard tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city in Pete’s Mountain in West Linn, Oregon.

The feature homes range in price from $3 to $4 million and are between 5,000 to 8,000 square feet.

Beginning last fall, Mark worked tirelessly alongside talented designers, architects and builders to create three of five of this year’s homes and he credits taking some interior finishings inspiration for the spaces from Metrie’s brochures.

“In one house, we’re doing a contemporary look using the Metrie Very Square rift-cut White Oak doors that will be very cool,” Mark explained. “The trim will be a very minimal stain grade Alder. But the doors will be incredible!”

When we asked Mark what his favorite dream home was he couldn’t just pick one.

“It’s a hard question to answer because I have been involved in so many beautiful homes including BC Custom Homes and Westlake Development.  One home that stands out to me was the Pahlisch home from the NW Street of Dreams last year,” he noted. “It turned out awesome. I’m a big fan of the millwork, the crown moulding, columns, and the panel mould.”

Metrie Fashion Forward Collection in the Highland Couture house at NW Natural Street of Dreams.

Mark is referring to the Highland Couture house from last year’s NW Natural Street of Dreams, which is finished with style, designed to wow and features the Metrie Fashion Forward Collection.

Metrie Fashion Forward Collection in the Highland Couture house at NW Natural Street of Dreams.

If you want to learn more about this year’s NW Natural Street of Dreams homes, including when you can tour the houses, click here.


Medallion Industries is a Premier Metrie Dealer that features Metrie Then & Now Finishing Collections in their showrooms in premium life-sized displays of doors and moulding. They offer a broad selection of Metrie millwork products, trained staff and expert services.