Trim in Unexpected Spaces

July 18, 2018
by The Finished Space

Now, when you hear about the use of trim and moulding, your mind probably goes straight to thinking about the different spaces within a home, such as a formal dining room, living room and, maybe, even bedroom. You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that. After all, essentially every single space within a home features some form of trim. Whether that be casing or baseboard, or a combination of them both.

However, moulding comes in numerous profiles for different intended purposes and the versatility of it truly knows no bounds. So, why limit interior finishings to the confines of a home? Here are some of our favorite designs that use trim in unexpected spaces!

Curated Home by Chrissy & Co.

Eccentric and bold, this stylish boutique is giving us so much trimspiration.

Designed by Chrissy Cottrell, of Chrissy & Co., to seduce the senses, this Parisian-inspired boutique is a marvelous fusion of old world charm and modern nuance. With a splash of drama, the black and white foundational components set the stage for the shop’s treasures to pop. The use of regional panel mould to frame the artwork and sconces and our Fashion Forward crown moulding found throughout contribute to this store’s sophisticated yet approachable ambiance.

This boutique transcends the boundaries of typical design genres and will leave all shoppers with serious envy. Peel back the curtain even more on this space by checking out our inspired moodboard.


Sophie Burke transformed a lavishing boutique in Vancouver using Metrie's Fashion Forward interior finishings.

Contrary to the boutique above, which boasts an eclectic blend of vibrant, intoxicating colors, this lavishing boutique, designed by Sophie Burke, embraces a different approach, one that’s grounded in understated glamour.

Although subtle, the neutral color palette allows the panel mould wall treatment to be highly impactful, as it adds visual-depth and intrigue to the space. The crown moulding not only adds a heightened-illusion, but its soft, curvy lines add an amorous splendor to the très chic space.

Overall, the use of interior finishings in this magnifique space has brought out our desire to shop ’til we drop!

No Boats on Sunday

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The next time you have a craving for freshly crafted cider or a sip of wine, be sure to stop by the No Boats on Sunday location in Niagara on the Lake, at Trius Winery! From the shiplap walls to pops of blue hues, we are getting some serious nautical vibes from this space. That being said, we’re also pretty certain the hung up canoe has something to do with the space’s coastal atmosphere.

All in all, this space has us wanting to raise our glasses and cheers to trim!

The Majestic Theatre

Lose yourself in this majestic home theatre, in Saskatoon, created by Decora Homes Ltd

Now, despite this space being a home theatre, we thought it couldn’t go unspoken. This majestic home theatre created by Decora Home Ltd. takes you to another world with vintage and rich details. Our crown moulding, baseboard, casing, and architrave from the Fashion Forward Collection work cohesively, putting the grand in grandiose! Custom upholstered doors are framed by bronze-painted trim to contrast with chocolate paneling and columns, and matching bronze accents.

All we’re wondering now is if there’s a seat saved for us!

McGee & Co.

When entering Studio McGee’s brick-and-mortar store, McGee & Co., customers are greeted by a cozy and warm ambiance. The wooden shelves and tables with black, accented metals give this space an undeniable rustic charm. Using Option {M} Modern Farmhouse shiplap, we love how the store adorns vertically installed shiplap—drawing the eye upwards and giving the shop a heightened illusion, as it makes the shop appear much taller and airier.

If you’re ever near Costa Mesa, California, be sure to drop by the shop!

Sense of Independence

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Designed and crafted by Carriage Lane Design-Build, this Toronto-based boutique, Sense of Independence, will resonate with your inner fashionista! Using a combination of our interior finishings and door from our Fashion Forward Collection, this boutique is beaming with trim! The feminine curves of the trim and interior door complement the soft color palette throughout the space, giving the store a sense of opulence and romanticism.



In need of more inspiration? Discover our gallery for more trimspirational spaces! But, be warned, you’ll be binge pinning these spaces once you see them! Meanwhile, be sure to come back to The Finished Space for more updates on beautiful spaces, and so much more!