Trend Alert! Yellow Makes Serious Heatwaves this Summer!

June 14, 2017
by The Finished Space

Hellow, this just in! Yellow is this summer’s new, hottest color!

“Why?” you ask? Perhaps, that’s because it’s a vibrant and glowing color that can still be soft and unsaturated, which makes it the perfect color to be tamed with neutral tones or enhanced with metallic and lively shades.

For those who are apprehensive about painting their interiors yellow just for one season, don’t worry because its ability to mend with other colors and shades allow it to be a refreshing choice all-year-round!

Meet Dabito!

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Meet one of our blogger partners who embraced yellow hues for the festivities of summer!

Dabito is a celebrity interior designer who operates under his blog,  Old Brand New. He was part of Calling it Home’s Spring 2017 edition of the One Room Challenge—this is where he decided to remodel his dining area. And let us just say we were floored with the fabulous results!

We absolutely love how he used neutral and earthy tones in his decor to ground the yellow walls, while the pop of vibrant colors and white French Curves trim elements, help accent the color. Ultimately, he’s pulled off the perfect color balance in this dining room, making it perfect all year round.

Are you still not convinced that yellow is the right choice for you? Then check out these spaces below and you are sure to be itching to purchase the perfect yellow paint and furniture for your home!

The Sunrise Breakfast

Stunning sunlit breakfast nook further enhances the soft yellow walls but is grounded with stark white casing and beige-toned panelled ceiling. Image Source: Domino.

Source: Domino



This breakfast nook looks as inviting as the morning sunshine! Clean, crisp white casing around the window further enriches the vibrant hue of this soft yellow tone.

Not to mention, the stunning paneled ceiling painted in a beige helps tame this radiating color.

Now, we can’t possibly imagine drinking our morning coffee anywhere else!

A Glorious Wall Statement


Decorist showcases a vibrant yellow accent wall in a 1880s row house. Image Source: The Decorist.

Source: The Decorist

If you’re too intimidated to commit yourself to paint your entire space yellow, don’t fret!

Try using yellow as an accented wall, much like the entry above.

Painting only one of your walls yellow can instantly brighten up your space. It’s essentially the icing on the cake to a contemporary space. We also have to mention how gorgeous this yellow is when contrasted with stark white interior finishings.

Wouldn’t you love coming home after a long day of work to this sun-like yellow greeting you?

The Door-stopping Doors


Painting one of your walls yellow is still too much? Try painting your doors!

Doors often get neglected, but they are the gateway to your precious space and deserve no less attention than your furniture!

Painting your doors in a vibrant yellow tone is a fun and cost-effective way to introduce color this summer!

Take a look at some of these architecturally intriguing doors that are ready to be painted!


A Winterful Yellow


Yellow doesn’t have to be confined to your summer months, and you don’t have to paint you walls to partake in this season’s hottest color.

If you’re not a DIYer and prefer to accessorize then take a look at this stunning living space. The designer used yellow-toned furniture and accessories to help bring warmth to a space that is dominated by monochromatic shades.

Furthermore, we love that unique shelving unit on the back wall that exudes such personality! Which could be made using our flat stock!

This is truly a space that can withstand the seasons.




Now, be sure to let us know down below in the comments or on Twitter on how you feel about this summer’s new, hottest color!