Timeless Style: A Q&A with Holli Rodrigues

September 2, 2016
by The Finished Space

Holli Rodrigues is an innovative and resourceful, self-taught designer who breaks down barriers in order to help homeowners create their perfect space. She believes that “everyone should have a beautiful home regardless of their income or status.”Self taught designer Holli Rodrigues chats interior finishing with The Finished Space

We are thrilled to feature Holli on The Finished Space today as she was our week six, and final winner from our #CaptionMetrieContest!

“I firmly believe that each person is born with a talent or natural ability,” Holli said. “One of my ‘talents’ is decor and design. I don’t have a professional background in design per se, but I remember when I was around nine years old decorating my room and picking out the perfect blue canopy bed I wanted and the sheets to match. I have always been a designer at heart.”

With a background in meeting planning and human resources management, Holli found creative ways to utilize her design skills to plan company events and design office spaces. When she decided to take a step back from the corporate world to be a mom, she was able to dedicate even more time to her design passions.

Reflect Your Style on a Budget

Holli shared a fun, personal story with us about design being a state of mind and we couldn’t get enough.

“I find myself walking through some of my favorite stores and helping strangers decorate their spaces,” she said. “I once saw a woman laying bath rugs out and she looked so perplexed. After asking her questions, I was on the floor too laying out combinations of towels, rugs and accessories. We literally designed her master bath in the store! I love those moments. Helping others regardless of the money is what I love best.”

Holli is always looking for ways to make an area beautiful while staying on budget. Some of her favorite spaces to decorate are kitchens, dining areas and living rooms because she feels that they are the heart of a home.

“We recently did our own kitchen makeover,” said Holli. “My goal was to show how you can create the space you love that really reflects your style without breaking the bank.”

Holli Rodrigues' kitchen

Timeless Style, Undeniable Character

Holli’s design philosophy is to surround yourself with what you love. Instead of restricting herself or her clients to one specific style, she buys certain pieces that she loves and creates a cohesive look around them.

“I think that’s what gives a space character and a unique look that people tend to gravitate to,” Holli explained. “I love mixing the old with the new and adding what I call ‘curiosities’ – pieces of interest – along the way.”

This is one of Holli’s design specialties: to make an area unique by creating an aged look that caters to the space. We see this style shine through in these images from one of Holli’s favorite design projects where she created a warm, old-world charm feel in her client’s log cabin home.

Holli Rodrigues' kitchen where everything old is new again

“I love the Industrial look, and we were able to incorporate some touches of that as well with lighting and accessories,” she said. “Not every log cabin has to be hunter’s lodge.”

Holli admires Metrie’s True Craft and Very Square Collections for their timeless qualities.

“They add just enough drama and detail to a space without being overwhelming,” Holli explained. “Simple and elegant.”

Holli also has some great advice for homeowners. Start looking at your home in layers.  In other words, she recommends making simple changes that can drastically change the overall appearance of a room.

“Adding trim or moulding to a space just adds texture and dimension while looking seamless,” she said. “You can give a ‘new’ home that ‘older’ home look and feel by adding doors and moulding that look like they are from a time gone by.”

Holli Rodrigues' elegant fireplace mantel.

A Sunroom Fit for a Celebrity

As with all of our winners, we asked Holli which celebrity she would most like to design a room for, and her answer is fantastic:

“If I could design a room for a celebrity it would have to be Celine Dion,” said Holli. “I have loved her voice since I first heard her. She has always seemed down to earth and just a good person at heart. I love to sing and I personally love singing her songs. I would like to design a sunroom for her. I could see her spending time with her boys there and just hanging out. How fun would it be to hangout with Celine Dion drinking coffee, listening to music and enjoying a beautiful view in a sunny, cozy room!?”

In addition to all of her amazing projects, Holli was just recently asked to contribute to Everything Home Magazine with a Room Renovation feature.  We can’t wait to read it!

Keep up the great work Holli and thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

If you want to learn more about Holli and her projects, check out her wonderfully creative blog, Bees n’ Burlap, here. Take a look at her winning caption in the comments of our week six contest image:

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Thank you to all of our designers for their clever captions and making our #CaptionMetrieContest such a huge success!

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