Then & Now in Lake Oswego, Oregon

August 28, 2015
by The Finished Space

If you build it, they will come… to the NW Natural Street of Dreams! This coming Sunday, August 30th is the last day to take a tour through nine fabulously designed and built homes that tell stories of dreams and luxury. Here’s a sneak peak of one of these amazing homes, which features coordinated trim and interior doors from our Fashion Forward Collection.

The Highland Couture house, built by Pahlisch Homes, is finished with style and designed to wow. The expert use of Fashion Forward Scene II trim paired with the Collection’s interior doors evokes a story of character and luxury. By painting the doors a vibrant blue hue, it turns them into striking statement pieces without detracting from other design elements throughout the home. Haven’t you heard? Blue is the new black!

The circle design of the doors is carried up into the ceiling decor, into the curvature of some of the walls and through to the furniture and accessories. The stunning design of the ceiling treatments in the living room and master bedroom are a must see.

This 4,671 square-foot home is Fashion Forward in more ways than one. After all this showstopper is “for when couture isn’t what you ‘wear’ but ‘where’ you live.”

Click here for floor plans and info on touring these ‘Dream’ homes.


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