The Spring 2017 One Room Challenge Invitees Final Reveals

May 11, 2017
by The Finished Space

The One Room Challenge is complete! After six short weeks of painting, sanding, hanging, nailing and designing, we’ve arrived at the final reveal of Calling it Home’s Spring 2017 edition of the One Room Challenge. These design bloggers have worked hard to transform their spaces in just over a month, and we’re so excited to see what they’ve done and share their brand new rooms with you!

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One Room Challenge Final Reveal: The Finished Spaces

Glitter Guide

Caitlin has been hard at work redesigning her master bedroom. She wanted to create a calming and relaxing space, and she succeeded! Her gorgeous bedroom features our regional casingbaseboard, crown and True Craft doors for her closet.  


Erica Reitman

[tap tap. Is this thing on?]. It’s reveal day for the #oneroomchallenge !! 🌈🕺 . I’m crazy town excited to show you how our little Airbnb guest house turned out and show you alllll the juicy pics [click the link in my profile if you wanna see]. . This is our little seating area which we turned into a dining area. I might be biased, but I think it sorta looks sexier than Jim Acosta right now. 💁🏼 . Sidenote: there is nooooo way I could have completed this project without scads of help from my bestie @fleamarketfab So pls go tell her how rad she is today and that adopting 7 foxes isn’t *that* weird. . I’m also sharing ALLLLL the sources for everything in my new space too, so if you like any of it, clickity click over. . And make sure to check out all the other final reveals today too, cause they are bonkers good! @centsationalgirl @thepinkpagoda @houseupdated @sketchfortytwo @glitterguide @dwellwithdignity @houseofbrinson @christinedovey @chrislovesjulia @larkandlinen @oldhomelove @dabito @thenester @theenglishroom @suburbanbees @ericareitman @ramblingreno @abbymancheskyinteriors @sterinwilliamson @jandjdesigngroup @housebeautiful @oneroomchallenge . Soooooo, what do you think of the space???? . 📷 by @bethanynauert . #oneroomchallenge #myhousebeautiful #sodomino #apartmenttherapy #currentdesignsituation A post shared by Erica Reitman ✨Design Ninja✨ (@ericareitman) on

Erica redesigned her guest house for her challenge. She and her husband rent out this space, so they wanted it to feel like a “chic hotel.” We must say the Fashion Forward doors add a swankiness to the space that perfectly fits Erica’s style.


Erin Williamson

Our One Room Challenge kitchen renovation is complete! Read all about it and the adjoining study makeover on the blog 👆🏼link in profile. Tap image for sources. Styling by @k.laingdesign 📸 by yours truly. Morning coffee coming up! . . . . . . #oneroomchallenge #housebeautiful #kitchenremodel #kitchendesign #interiordesign #interiorstyling #interiorinspiration #currentdesignsituation #ihavethisthingwithrugs #ihavethisthingwithfloors #modernappliances #farrowandball #walnutkitchen #customdesign #foundandforaged #hygge #homedecoration #pastel #myhome #myhousebeautiful #mydomaine #elledecor @oneroomchallenge @housebeautiful And check out the other designers! @centsationalgirl @chrislovesjulia @christinedovey @dwellwithdignity @gordondunning @theenglishroom @glitterguide @houseofbrinson @houseupdated @jandjdesigngroup @larkandlinen @abbymancheskyinteriors @thenester @dabito @oldhomelove @thepinkpagoda @ramblingreno @ericareitman @sketchfortytwo @suburbanbees

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Erin has been very patient living in her construction zone kitchen for the past six weeks, but it has finally paid off. Her kitchen remodel is gorgeous. We totally agree that adding a door can completely change the look and feel of a space, and it certainly has here. Bravo, Erin!

House of Brinson

Susan and William renovated their guest room with the hope of giving guests a place to get away from daily life. We love the original trimwork throughout their home. The room is absolutely stunning. Great job, Brinsons!


Chris Loves Julia

Chris and Julia created a soft, serene nursery for their sweet, soon-expected daughter. We love their use of our Fashion Forward interior finishings with their choice of the wallpaper. We’re sure their little one will enjoy growing up in this sophisticated space.


Suburban B’s

@oneroomchallenge reveal day is here! All the pretty pictures of my daughter’s bedroom and bathroom makeover are on the blog. She loves her room and I’m wondering if I could pass this off as a master bedroom and trade places with her?? This room wouldn’t have been possible without all the wonderful sponsors providing amazing products for us to use. The cactus mural from @anewalldecor, gorgeous Roman shades from @theshadestore, dressers and bed from @allmodern, lamps from @bellacorlighting, art from @minted, bedding from @annieselke, pillows from @hapiart , and the world’s best ceiling fan from @haikuhome. And of course a huge thanks to Linda at @callingithome for inviting us to participate in this round of the @oneroomchallenge and to media sponsor @housebeautiful. 📷: @kellikroneberger And be sure to go see the other 19 designers reveal their rooms today. I’ve looked at a few and am completely blown away!! @centsationalgirl @chrislovesjulia @christinedovey @dwellwithdignity @theenglishroom @glitterguide @houseofbrinson @houseupdated @jandjdesigngroup @larkandlinen @abbymancheskyinteriors @thenester @oldhomelove @dabito @thepinkpagoda @ramblingreno @ericareitman @sketchfortytwo @sterinwilliamson A post shared by Erin & Tricia (@suburbanbees) on

Erin did a spectacular job redesigning her daughter’s bedroom and bathroom. This beautiful and fun space is so lovely, we wish we had grown up in it. That cactus wallpaper is just too cute! It pairs perfectly with the crown moulding. Well done, Erin!


J&J Design Group

Joanna has been hard at work remodeling her living and dining room area, and it’s really paid off. We just adore the way her wall treatment turned out! Can you believed it was created using our Very Square Scene II  5 1/2″ baseboard?!

Rambling Renovators

Jen transformed her living room from a lilac colored, bland space into a preppy and traditional living area. We know we’re a little biased, but can you please look at how the Very Square interior finishing work with her original 1960s mantle? This space is everything we dream of. Awesome job, Jen. 


Old Brand New

It’s @oneroomchallenge reveal day! Head on over to the blog to see my new dining room (link in profile)! Now, who wants to come over and have some mimosas with me?! • Chandelier @shopthemine Dining table, chairs, and buffet @allmodern Arm chair @shopcandelabra Paint @farrowandball Moulding @officialmetrie Art @leroymirandajr Sconces @sazerac_stitches • Go check out these other fabulous reveals! @centsationalgirl @chrislovesjulia @christinedovey @dwellwithdignity @gordondunning @theenglishroom @glitterguide @houseofbrinson @houseupdated @jandjdesigngroup @larkandlinen @abbymancheskyinteriors @thenester @oldhomelove @thepinkpagoda @ramblingreno @ericareitman @sketchfortytwo @suburbanbees @sterinwilliamson @housebeautiful #oneroomchallenge A post shared by DABITO (@dabito) on

Dabito gave his dining room a bold makeover complete with bright yellow walls, French Curves trim elements. Achieving this mix of formal yet fun is no easy feat, and we love what he did!


Old Home Love

I haven’t slept yet, we barely got the photos done before the sun went down but IT’S DONE!! I only had a minor panic attack worrying that you guys wouldn’t like it ☺️ We are so happy and so grateful we got to work with such amazing people. A very special thanks to @oneroomchallenge and @housebeautiful, @officialmetrie for the game changer moldings, @fabricut for the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen, @allmodern and @shopthemine for their impeccable furniture and @framebridge and @bellacorlighting for helping me create something I’m proud of. Do you like it!? See more on the blog and go visit my friends to see their rooms today!! @centsationalgirl @chrislovesjulia @christinedovey @dwellwithdignity @gordondunning @theenglishroom @glitterguide @houseofbrinson @houseupdated @jandjdesigngroup @larkandlinen @abbymancheskyinteriors @thenester @thepinkpagoda @ramblingreno @ericareitman @sketchfortytwo @suburbanbees @sterinwilliamson @housebeautiful @callingithome @oneroomchallenge #oldhomelove #oneroomchallenge #myhousebeautiful A post shared by Andy and Candis Meredith (@oldhomelove) on

For their ORC debut, Andy and Candis renovated their master bedroom suite in their 1859 “Love House.” We are swooning over the architectural intrigue created by mixing the poplar French Curves Scene III trim elements and the Pretty Simple doors.  They did a marvelous job. This space is fit for royalty.


Lark & Linen

About a year ago, Jacquelyn and her fiancé purchased an old Victorian home. For the ORC, she decided to redesign her living room. She created a sanctuary space we’d be eager to come home to.


Christine Dovey

Holy Manitoba, she is DONE!!!!! My giant long @oneroomchallenge REVEAL post is up on the blog so click through link in bio to read and see all that happened over the course of six weeks with my #bijoubasementblitz reno 👆🏻Also, make sure to check out everyone’s posts…@centsationalgirl @thepinkpagoda @houseupdated @sketchfortytwo @glitterguide @dwellwithdignity @houseofbrinson @christinedovey @chrislovesjulia @larkandlinen @oldhomelove @dabito @thenester @theenglishroom @suburbanbees @ericareitman @ramblingreno @abbymancheskyinteriors @sterinwilliamson @jandjdesigngroup @housebeautiful @oneroomchallenge …I for one ant wait to dive in…after maybe a giant nap first lol…je suis exhausted!!!😴😴😴 📷by @ashleycapp #christinedoveystyle #design #renovation #makeover #pineavehouse #basement #linkinbio   A post shared by C H R I S T I N E D O V E Y (@christinedovey) on

Christine was extremely ambitious with her ORC project this year, and we are impressed with the turnout. Christine’s basement is stunning, and we’re still trying to wrap our heads around how she got so much done in such a short period of time. We love the homemade floorboards made out of our regional oak flat stock and the Fashion Forward doors connecting the bedroom to the living area.

The Pink Pagoda

Looking through Jennifer’s photos from her reveal, all we can say is “wow.” She swapped her living and dining rooms for this year’s ORC, and they look great. We love how her use of multiple interior finishing elements—from base, case, panel mould and crown—elevated her two rooms and that chandelier needs to be in our house asap!

That’s it! (almost)

Man, that was a lot of trimspiration packed into one post! A huge congratulations to all the 2017 One Room Challenge participants for creating amazing spaces in just six weeks! We hope you’ve all enjoyed following along with our roundups … and we’ve got one more set of big reveals coming your way later tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it!

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