The Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Roundup: First Things First

October 10, 2018
by The Finished Space

Week one of Calling It Home’s Fall 2018 One Room Challenge has just finished up, and we are already excited to see how these spaces will unfold in just six, short weeks!

From bathroom overhauls to bedroom transformations, and so much more, there will be plenty of trimspiration that’ll inspire your inner designer!

Now, let’s take a moment to see the One Room Challenge participants’ spaces before they undergo an enchanting makeover.

Introducing, The Featured Designers:

Ashley Wilson

At Home With Ashley’s 1905 Victorian house already has its charming details, but who says you need to stop there? As a repeated participant, Ashley’s focus this fall is her master bedroom. She has big plans to transform this space into a serene, yet whimsical room by incorporating the following: new floors, wallpaper, a shiplap ceiling treatment, built-in bookcase, fireplace, and closet doors!

Bre Bertolini

Brepurposed's living room rendering for her One Room Challenge space

Hat Tip: Brepurposed

Brepurposed's dining room rendering

Hat Tip: Brepurposed

Bre, of Brepurposed, recently had flooring installed in her family room and dining room, so the canvas, figuratively speaking, is ready to be painted. For the living room, she plans to revamp her fireplace into a dark, show-stopper. We are very eager to see her DIY entertainment center, surrounded by earth-tone furniture and decor. To add more character to her dining room, Bre plans to create a ceiling treatment with Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap.

Dee Murphy

With the opportunity to turn her spare bedroom into anything she’d like, Dee Murphy of Murphy Deesign has decided to optimize the bedroom’s potential by turning it into a guest suite. With the idea of adult bunk beds added to the mix, she’s hoping to maximize the space’s functionality. We’re anxious to see how Dee will make her dream of turning this space into a chic, European bed and breakfast nook a reality!

Erin Kestenbaum

Erin Kestenbaum has quite the to-do list when it comes to tackling her master bedroom and walk-in closet. But after her last One Room Challenge reveal, we have no doubt she’ll get the job done. This week, she’s sharing the inspiration for her space; diving into a new traditional theme with a moody palette. Think: sophisitcated, tailored, and fresh!

Holly Hollington

While her childhood home has been undergoing renovations for about three months, Holly, of The English Room, is making her connecting kitchen, pantry, and laundry room her main focus for the next six weeks. This week, Holly is sharing the ongoing journey of this projectan admirable one at thatwith the latest step being the addition of flooring.

Kelly Lee

As we grow and change, so can our spaces. Kaylee, the niece of Kelly Go Lightly, has had the same pink walls since she was a baby. Now that she’s twelve, Kaylee has decided it is time to embrace the change and opt for a new look. She shared a Pinterest board, filled with faux fur and fairy lights. Kelly has taken that inspiration to create renderings of the space, showcasing a white backdrop for a fresh look!

Linda Holt

Linda, of Linda Holdt Creative, moved into her new Boston condo. To kickstart the settling in phase, she’s chosen her master bedroom, including the bathroom and walk-in closet. Linda will be jumping into styling, decorating, and organizing both the bedroom and closet for a functional feel and boutique hotel vibe. Meanwhile, her bathroom will be warmed up with a new paint color and fixtures to appeal to her taste.

Michelle Gage

Hat Tip: Michelle Gage

The days of eating at a folding table are over for Michelle Gage, now that she plans to transform her dining room. While Michelle is not keen on the overall shape of the spacesquare versus her preference of a more rectangular designthis isn’t going to stop her from creating the ideal dining room. During the first week of the Challenge, her husband, Alex, has been working on installing built-ins, which you can check out in the intriguing time-lapse video above.

Shavonda Gardner

Hat Tip: SG Style

Hat Tip: SG Style

Nothing makes a house guest feel more pampered than a stylish powder room or bathroom. So, be sure to seek some upcoming trimspiration from Shavonda, of SG Style, as she sets out to breathe new life into her bathroom for the One Room Challenge!

Sita Montgomery

While some designers and influencers may use the One Room Challenge as an opportunity to work on their own space, Sita, of Sita Montgomery Interiors, opted to transform her client’s formal living room to a TV lounge room. We can’t wait to see how this space unfolds!

Susan and William

Susan and William, of House of Brinson, are taking on their main floor bathroom. With the house being built in the 1800s, the couple has a tall task ahead of them as they plan on doing a complete overhaul of the space. Spoiler: The only thing surviving this makeover will be the sink!

Let’s Meet The Guest Participants:

Bethany Gier 

Do you ever have a room that just irks you? A space that you can’t wait to remodel? Well, for Bethany of This Little Estate, it’s her bathroom that needs a makeover. Her plans for the next six weeks include replacing the barn boards on the wall with our moulding for a paneled wall treatment. Her next endeavor is to cover the hand-painted flowers with a coral color. And lastly? She has a surprise in store for her ceiling that we can’t wait to see!

Christine and Chris

Christine, of Amidst the Chaos, is making her long-time dream of having a gorgeous laundry room come true this fall season. It’s safe to say Christine and Chris have ambitious plans for the Challenge. The laundry room transformation will also have the space serve as a mudroom for the childrentalk about filling two needs with one deed! When speaking about her design aesthetic, Christine is seeking inspiration from a variety of design styles.

Jewel Marlowe

Jewel, of Jeweled Interiors, and her family just recently moved into a new home and she is using this opportunity to personalize her new living room. With an admiration for different textures and prints, we’re looking forward to seeing how she incorporates interior finishings into this space.

Leslie Davis

Back for her sixth One Room Challenge, Leslie Davis, of Deeply Southern Home, is now planning on transforming her master bedroom. Now, taking inspiration from her resplendent bathroom from the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge, she aims to create a grey wonderland full of velvety textures and fabrics. We’re always excited to see Leslie’s spaces, and this time around is no exception!

Sarah Gunn

Hat Tip: Sarah Gunn

Sarah Gunn is showcasing some of her motherly love as she takes on her oldest son’s bedroom for the One Room Challenge. “He’s sweet, kind, a collector of treasure and loves the ocean as much as he loves his mom,” she says. Now that he is eleven years young, Sarah wants to create a space that reflects who he is. We’re not quite sure what Sarah is envisioning for the space, but we’re getting some nautical vibes and we’re loving it!

Sarah Walker

Sarah, of The Curated House, is using the One Room Challenge as an opportunity to take her master bedroom “in all its yawn-worthy glory” and transform it into a true oasis. While Sarah admits that her master bedroom is a little “horrific” as it is, she still believes it can drastically be improved and we have faith in her too. 

Thalita Murray

Thalita, of The Learner Observer, is revamping her toddler’s room this time around for the Challenge. The bedroom makeover will also prove to be a big move for her twin boys, as they move out of their cribs and into their own twin sized beds. Thalita offers some insight into the project, stating that the space is going to be bold with graphics, grown up but still fun. We are looking forward to the finished space as much as her kids are!

Vanessa Francis

Hat Tip: Decor Happy

Hat Tip: Decor Happy

Vanessa Francis, of Decor Happy, is taking this opportunity to give something back to her sister, Arlene. Vanessa plans to transform her sister’s space by taking it from outdated to a bright and airy, chef-worthy kitchen!


For more insight into what Calling It Home’s bi-annual One Room Challenge is all about, check out this post! Also, be sure to visit back here for more coverage of the Challenge, and other inspirational content!