The Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Roundup: Arriving at the Halfway Point

October 22, 2018
by The Finished Space

Within a blink of an eye, we are already at the halfway point of Calling it Home’s Fall 2018 One Room Challenge™. As the design bloggers continue the race against time to finish their spaces within the remaining few weeks, we are here to follow up on all of their progress!

From demolitions to exquisite uses of interior finishings, we are more than excited to see their design concepts materialize!

Without further ado, let us show you what these talented design influencers have been up to in the past few busy weeks.

The Featured Designers

Ashley Wilson

When it comes to her master bedroom, Ashley, of At Home With Ashley, isn’t afraid of playing with pops of color! She’s envisioning a whimsical palette, fun wallpaper, and built-in bookshelves bursting with color. For the past two weeks, she’s been giving her a walls facelift, from installing drywall to saving the exposed brick on her chimney.   

Bre Bertolini

Bre shares the moodboards for her One Room Challenge

Hat Tip: Brepurposed

Bre is sharing her fireplace progress

Hat Tip: Brepurposed

While Bre’s dining room progress is on hold, her family room has started to fill with new, beautiful furniture, and her good taste doesn’t stop there—we are loving the title and color choice for her fireplace makeover! For this fireplace transformation, she has expanded the fireplace up and out for a bold statement.

Candis and Andy Meredith

Candis and Andy share a beautiful moodboard of their daughter's bedroom for the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge.

Hat Tip: Old Home Love

If you don’t know Candis and Andy Meredith, of Old Home Love, there are a few things you may find interesting. Firstly, they have a large family. Specifically, they have seven children— six sons and one daughter, who also happens to be the youngest, too. Ultimately, the couple admits that she’s spoiled. Secondly, they L-O-V-E old things. So with these two things in mind, we do not find it surprising that the couple has decided to give their daughter a grand and opulent bedroom transformation. Having shared their inspiration for the space (pictured above), we’re already itching to see the reveal. Just think: peachy palettes, beautiful uses of interior finishings from our French Curves Collection, and so much more!

Dee Murphy

We’re green with envy of Dee Murphy’s One Room Challenge updates. Let’s start with that beautiful green paint, bird wallpaper, and brass combo! Dee explains her vision for the adult bunk beds, including a vintage rug for the headboards, our trim as a wall treatment for inside the beds’ walls, and our crown moulding along the top. Based on her design sketch, we’re anticipating a remarkable reveal!

Erin Kestenbaum

Erin Kestenbaum’s closet is more functional now that custom fitted wardrobes have been installed. She also plans to trim it out with our crown moulding and baseboard. The trim doesn’t stop there, she also plans to include crown moulding, baseboard, casing around the windows and doors, and chair rail and regional panel mould for a wainscoting effect inside the bathroom. We cannot wait to see how the lovely blue paint colors will look once they’re on the trim!

Holly Hollington

Holly, of The English Room, has covered a lot of ground these last two weeks, from creating moodboards to installing tile and Option {M} Modern Farmhouse shiplap in her laundry and dog room. Her scullery has also made some progress, including cabinets for maximizing storage. Can we just say, her choice of marble countertops for the space was an excellent design decision!

Kelly Lee

You can get a good glimpse of Kelly’s vision for her niece’s bedroom makeover based on her moodboards. Her niece will soon have a bedroom, fit for any tween’s dream, complete with a vanity and gallery wall. Although Kelly is currently on the west coast, her family and contractor are helping her carry out this plan by painting the walls and French Curves baseboard, casing, and crown moulding in a refreshing white. Let’s also not forget about the lovely closet embellished in a fun, blue palm leaf wallpaper!

Linda Holt

Linda Holt is focusing on bold wallpaper and floral headboard fabric to achieve the boutique hotel vibe she’s going for in her master suite. During the last two weeks, her closet system arrived, offering more organization and better functionality within the space. To conquer the low ceilings of her bedroom, she’s looking to Metrie’s crown moulding for a heightened illusion.

Michelle Gage

Michelle Gage's built-ins are coming along nicely in her dining room

Hat Tip: Michelle Gage

Michelle Gage's design concept for her dining room

Hat Tip: Michelle Gage

Michelle Gage and her husband, Alex, have been tackling their built-in shelves along the back wall of the dining room. To help uniform the shelves to the adjoining walls, chair rail, crown molding, and picture mold will be installed. To throw some bold style into the space, she has chosen a striking lemon wallpaper!

Shavonda Gardner

Shavonda's Moodboard for the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge

Hat Tip: SG Style

Shavonda's newly installed skylight in her Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Space

Hat Tip: SG Style

From demolishing her bathroom to installing a skylight into the space, Shavonda, of SG Style, has certainly kept herself busy in the past few weeks. She shares a detailed moodboard of her vision, giving greater insight into her design process, and we are eager to see how the natural light permeates throughout the space to highlight the wainscotting she plans to create with our interior finishings!

Sita Montgomery

In case you forgot, Sita Montgomery will be making over an underused formal dining room in one of her client’s home. She’ll be converting the formal space into a fun, yet functional TV and lounge room for the family’s leisure. Although the old dining room featured a beautiful wainscot wall treatment, it was too formal and, unfortunately, it had to go. But don’t worry, Sita plans on creating a wall feature that is going to elevate the lounge room to a whole new level. Using flat stock, she created three columns of concentric rectangles to help add depth and character to the space. We can’t wait to see how the feature wall progresses!

Susan and William

Susan and William, of House of Brinson, are taking on their downstair’s bathroom. The couple gutted the space and tossed out the oversized fiberglass shower. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, Susan and William also ran into plumbing issues when they were trying to change the space’s plumbing infrastructure. Now, thanks to the help of their favorite plumber, it seems that the couple is back on track to transform the space. The couple also shares how they plan on adding some texture and detail back into the bathroom with a combination of interior finishings from Metrie! We can only count down until reveal day!

The Guest Participants

Alisa Bovino

Alisa, of A Glass of Bovino, has plans to make this bathroom pop with gold and marble, but first, there’s drywall to hang and subfloor to install. Alisa is making great strides with this bathroom progress, including the installation of cement board to the floors and in the shower. She also a picked up gold calacatta marble that is sure to be a show-stopper inside this space!

Bethany Grier

Bethany, of This Little Estate, wasted no time when it came to removing her barn boards to make way for our moulding on the bathroom’s back wall. To make this a “classic space filled with character and a sprinkling of fun,” she has also painted over the flowers with an appealing coral color.

Christine and Chris

Christine, of Amidst the Chaos, is making her long-time dream of having a gorgeous laundry room come true this fall season. In order to do so, she and her husband had a hectic few weeks as they proceeded with the demolition process. From removing the flooring and utility sink to tearing down the drywall and rebuilding it, Christine and Chris are certainly amidst the chaos! Ultimately, things start to look up as Christine moves one step closer to achieving her dream laundry room with a new and fabulous sink and faucet!

Jewel Marlowe

It seems like Jewel, of Jeweled Interiors, and her family made fabulous progress in the few short weeks. This time around, Jewel is giving us a sneak peek into how she used our panel mould to add a jolt of drama to her walls and, from what we can see, we’re loving every bit of it! However, it’s not only our interior finishings that have made its way into this makeover but also bold animal prints are making a daring statement.

Leslie Davis

Leslie Davis, of Deeply Southern Home, surely does not have any time to waste. With her traveling outside of the country during the One Room Challenge, she knew she’d have to make the most of her time. With that, Leslie gradually brings her vision of a gray-palette wonderland to life as she installs and paints our French Curves interior finishings in her master bedroom. From the look of it, things are coming together beautifully and we can’t wait to see more.

Sarah Gunn

Sarah Gunn shares her plans of incorporating Metrie's interior finishings and Masonite's Winslow panel door in her son's bedroom for Fall 2018 ORC.

Hat Tip: Sarah Gunn

As each week goes by, Sarah Gunn is giving a greater glimpse into her plans for her son’s bedroom makeover.  She reveals that three out of the four walls will be wrapped in a gorgeous grasscloth pattern wallpaper. Meanwhile, the fourth and final wall behind the bed will be “getting some Metrie trim goodness.” But that’s not all! Similarly to her Spring 2018 One Room Challenge space, Sarah also plans to swap out the basic builder doors in her son’s room and replace them with Masonite’s Winslow moulded panel doors, brought to you by Metrie.

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker, of The Curated House, shares a stunning sketch of her custom king size bed that’ll be front and center in her master bedroom. As if a channel-tufted headboard wasn’t enough to make us swoon, Sarah shares that it’ll be made from VOC-free and formaldehyde-free ingredients. Talk about creating a space that is healing as it is beautiful! However, our anticipation and excitement do not end here. Sarah teases that she’ll be sharing greater details of her plans for Metrie’s interior finishings, which will be used to create architectural interest and add dimension to the bedroom.

Thalita Murray

Having shared her plans for her twin’s bedroom, Thalita Murray, of The Learner Observer, takes her readers on the journey of narrowing down her wallpaper and paint color options! With so many beautiful paint colors out there, who can blame her for having a hard time choosing one?! That being said, we’re certain whichever color she chooses, the space will look spectacular. On a side note, we’re loving the wall treatment shown in her moodboard! There’ll be plenty to look forward to in this endearing space!

Vanessa Francis

Vanessa Francis, of Decor Happy, shares a beautiful moodboard for her Fall 2018 ORC.

Hat Tip: Decor Happy

Last time, Vanessa Francis, of Decor Happy, shared some before images of her sister’s kitchen. This time, she’s giving us the insight and details into her plans. From fresh kitchen appliances and backsplash to new casing and baseboard, we can already envision the final reveal and it has us excited! To learn more about Vanessa’s ambitious plans to transform her sister’s outdated kitchen into a chef-worthy space, click here.


Seeing the design bloggers’ progress has only built up our anticipation for the final reveal. So, be sure to check back here as we prepare to showcase these influencers’ makeovers. We have a strong feeling you won’t want to miss the reveal!

In the meantime, you can check out our full recap of the influencers’ journeys at the beginning of the One Room Challenge.


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