The Battle of Time Eras: Traditional vs. Contemporary

May 26, 2017
by The Finished Space

Often times people tend to keep their interior finishing and decor align with the make and style of the house. Yet, what happens when a house becomes a hybrid between contemporary and traditional? Well, the results are absolutely stunning!

The Vandam Street Townhouse

Beautiful 1800s brownstone townhouse located in trademarked district Soho. Image Source: Dwell.

Source: Dwell

The image above depicts an 1800s townhouse located in New York’s trademarked district, Soho. The aged abode was given a marvelous makeover through contemporary additions, which elevated the house from fab to fabulous!

The Dining Area

Gorgeous interior used to create a crown moulding build-up to create a tray-ceiling effect  in transitional townhouse. Image Source: Dwell.

Source: Dwell

The dining area displays a variety of unique architectural elements that range from the open concept staircase to an open serving window, which allowed guests to get a glimpse of the kitchen.

Being objective as possible, we must say the traditional trim elements, which includes rosettesbaseboards, casing and crown moulding, are some of our favorite aspects in this distinctive house. We love how the crisp and clean lines from the interior finishings add structure to the plain white walls, which ultimately, developed a sense of architectural intrigue.

The trimwork and plain walls against the brick accents creates a stunning juxtaposition that radiates contemporary beauty.

The Bedroom

Beautiful traditional bedroom with fabulous contemporary additions that is enhanced with tall, strong baseboards. Image Source: Dwell.

Source: Dwell

Now, for the bedroom, what else can we say? Just look at it! The wall filled windows allow natural light to brighten the room, leaving an airy, wisp-like atmosphere. The vaulted ceiling creates a cozy and comfortable dynamic that is ideal for the bedroom. The clean ceiling and walls contrast against the rustic and neutral tone decor to create a contemporary feel, which is no easy feat.

Are you swooning with jealousy over the lucky individual who gets to lay night after night in this bedroom? If you aren’t, then you clearly haven’t noticed that super adorable and tiny four-panel door, which would be the perfect opening to extra storage space…or to lead oneself to a secret chamber.

While we may not have that exact tiny four-panel door, we do have fabulous interior doors that are sure to inspire your inner designer!