Self taught designer Holli Rodrigues chats interior finishing with The Finished Space
Sep 2, 2016

Timeless Style: A Q&A with Holli Rodrigues

Holli Rodrigues is an innovative and resourceful, self-taught designer who breaks down barriers in order to help homeowners create their perfect space.
Jennifer Ashley of Pretty Little Details talks design with The Finished Space
Aug 19, 2016

All in Good Time: A Q&A with Jennifer Ashley

Jennifer Ashley, of Pretty Little Details, is bringing a fresh and electrifying design inspiration to The Finished Space.
Jill Ornelas, of Ambiance Interior Design, opens up about her career as a designer on The Finished Space.
Aug 3, 2016

Apart from Ordinary: A Q&A with Jill Ornelas

Jill Ornelas is a remarkable interior designer who is living out her childhood dream, and helping others create theirs by creating beautiful spaces.
Self taught designer Adele Barrett.
Jun 24, 2016

Hello from the Design Side: A Q&A with Adele Barrett

“I never want my client to be intimidated or unsure. I educate, explain, encourage and even mentor.” Adele Barrett, of Adele Barrett Interiors, shares with us how she puts her clients' minds at ease throughout the design process.
Krista Martens of Beyond Measure Design, Inc chats to The Finished Space.
Jun 10, 2016

Form & Function Make for a Beautiful Design: A Q&A with Krista Martens

“I would love designing homes for anyone who appreciates that they are more than walls and a roof.” Krista Martens, of Beyond Measure Design, shares her passion for form and function with us.
Christa Pirl, of Christa Pirl Furnishings & Interiors.
May 30, 2016

Everything Old is New Again: A Q&A with Christa Pirl

“I believe we can draw endless inspiration from the past.” Christa Pirl, of Christa Pirl Furnishings & Interiors, is the first winner in our #CaptionMetrieContest, and she chats with us about all things interior finishings and design.
May 5, 2016

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