Standing Out Amongst Beige: A Q&A with Lesley Myrick
August 24, 2016
by The Finished Space

Ever since she was rearranging her childhood bedroom furniture, Lesley Myrick’s dream was to become an interior stylist. She graduated from Sheridan College with a degree in interior design, and began her career working for various design firms. Shortly after, Lesley started her own firm, Lesley Myrick Art and Design, and Lesley Myrickcultivated her passions through over 11 years of design experience.

Lesley has a motto for her design style that we absolutely love. She creates “Interiors with an Offbeat Edge.” An expert when it comes to blending a variety of design types like rustic and polished, or vintage and modern, Lesley is not the type of designer you can stick in a box.

“I’ve always been one to march to the beat of my own drummer, and everything I create – from my personal style to my interiors – definitely has a strong, offbeat point of view,” she shared. “Design is all about the mix, and a unique blend of vintage and modern, rustic and polished, color and neutrals, and masculine and feminine is what I do best. I believe every room needs a little weird thrown in – an element of surprise.”

A Room Designed for Two

We partnered with Lesley during the redesign of her home office, and the outcome is BRILLIANT. We couldn’t wait to share her story.

During the redesign, Lesley faced a unique challenge of having to merge her edgy style with that of her husband’s masculine style, in the shared space. It can be difficult to combine two extremely different design visions without one party having to make sacrifices. Her advice?

“Embrace the mix,” said Lesley. “They key to designing a successful shared space is collaboration – it’s not a zero-sum game. Nobody has to lose out! By blending elements of each style in the right proportions, the end result can be something even more awesome than could be achieved individually.”

Lesley Myricks home office

Lesley Myrick's masculine home office. Image Source: Lesley Myrick

One of the most creative aspects of Lesley’s redesign was transforming standard Ikea bookshelves into looking like a built-in unit by using trim.

Lesley told us that the most difficult part of the project was carefully measuring and cutting each piece, but the easiest part was “selecting the right moldings for the project,” and we’re glad to hear it!

Here’s what Lesley has to say about this beautiful space!

You can read more about Lesley’s amazing bookshelf redesign, here.

Sophistication Meets Finishings

If it is possible to be as passionate about molding as we are, Lesley gets it! She has big plans to add applied molding to the walls of her master bedroom and loves to use crown molding to make a room look complete and sophisticated whenever she can.

“I’m a sucker for crown molding,” offered Lesley. “It finishes off a room so beautifully and is just so darn sophisticated. I pretty much install crown molding everywhere. I love that there’s a variety of styles to suit any type of home architecture, from sleek and simple to ultra-detailed and traditional.”

When asked about advice for homeowners looking to incorporate interior finishings into their space, Lesley had a great response:

“If this isn’t something that sounds fun for you – but you love the look of trim and molding details – definitely talk to a pro,” she said. “A designer can assist you by taking the seed of an idea and sprouting it into something amazing, and will also coordinate and manage installation.

“If you do decide to go the DIY route, definitely ‘measure twice and cut once,’ as the saying goes,” added Lesley. “Also, be sure to order extra material – at least 10%, and possibly 15-20% if this is your first project. Mistakes happen and it’s important to have enough on-hand to ensure a smooth process and stellar final result.”

Standing Out Amongst Beige

Lesley also has a design strategy that embodies our motto at Metrie to “Finish Before You Start.” She focuses on the overview of a project and considers each possibility before immediately analyzing the details.

“I like to spend a good bit of time thinking about a project before I commit to any firm decisions on furniture, decor, or trim,” she said. “When ideas and inspirations swirl around my brain for a while I get a more complete picture of how I want a room to look and feel at the end of the project, and can make better design decisions throughout the process seeing this finished space in my mind’s eye.”

Decorating for the Waco, Dallas, and Austin areas of Texas, Lesley told us that new homes there have a very distinct appearance.

“If you love it, great – but if you don’t, that’s where I come in,” she told us. “I have a lot of clients who live in these beige homes who are dying to bring a little color and personality to these somewhat bland spaces. I love helping clients by designing eclectic, offbeat spaces that fit within the constraints of standard builder homes and honor the architecture.”

Colorful living room by Lesley in Waco Texas. Image Source Lesley Myrick

Colorful living room redesign by Lesley in Waco, TX for clients who wanted something “fresh and fun in their lackluster Mid-Century style living room.”

Lesley encourages homeowners to step out of their comfort zone to find out exactly what they’re looking for in a space. When she’s contemplating new ideas, she looks to Pinterest for inspiration.

“If I’ve got a rough idea in my head of something I’d like to create, a search on Pinterest can often reveal interiors with a more refined version of what I’m envisioning,” noted Lesley. “Looking to what other designers have created and using it as a jumping-off point is where remarkable designs come from.”

Thanks for talking with us Lesley! We hope you continue to help others find their off-beat edge!

To read more about Lesley’s design inspirations, check out her blog, Lesley Myrick: Interiors with an Offbeat Edge.