The Spring 2017 One Room Challenge Roundup: The Befores

April 7, 2017
by The Finished Space

We are so excited for Calling it Home’s Spring 2017 edition of the One Room Challenge! Over the next six weeks, these designers and design bloggers will be transforming spaces, and we’ll be posting their progress here. Metrie has partnered with several fabulous design bloggers to elevate their spaces with exquisitely crafted interior finishings for their room makeovers.

You can check in with The Finished Space each Friday to see the progress they have made throughout the week.

Let’s take a peek at the befores from the invited bloggers:


Glitter Guide 1

Hat Tip: Glitter Guide

Caitlin Kruse, from the Glitter Guide, will be renovating her master bedroom using True Craft doors to create a relaxing space she can truly love and enjoy.


Erica Reitman 1

Hat Tip: Erica Reitman

After renovating her 740 square foot home, interior designer Erica Reitman is ready to tackle her guest house. The current space is a little blah, and a little disjointed. However, she has big dreams for the new Airbnb rental, “a chic hotel room, mixed with with a cool, arty salon vibe.” Enough said, we’re coming to visit.


Chris and Julia are no strangers to the ORC. After renovating a practical and playful room for their daughters, home bloggers Chris and Julia are on the clock, designing a nursery for their daughter on the way. We can’t wait to see how they’ll create a serene, calm space for their new little one.


Last fall, Tricia used Metrie crown moulding in her living room makeover. This year, Tricia’s neighbour and co-blogger, Erin will give her daughter the bedroom of her dreams, without using the color pink. We can’t wait to see what she has in store.


Jennifer and Joanna, owners of the design studio J&J Design Group, are ORC newcomers and so excited to get started on this six-week challenge! Joanna and her husband recently bought a new home, so this season for the ORC Joanna will remodel her new living/dining room. Her inspiration? A bright interior with pops of color and gold. We’re already in love.


Jen, a DIY renovator from Toronto is tearing apart the one currently livable room in her new home, the living room. She chose to renovate her living room because it sets the tone for the whole home. She’s chosen a preppy and traditional style to make it a welcoming space, but before she can begin designing, Jen has to wait for the ceiling installation to be complete.


Old Brand New

Hat Tip: Old Brand New

Dabito, the creator of the blog and design studio Old Brand New, is a designer from Los Angeles, and he’s giving his dining room some “major love” for the ORC.  We love that he’s inspired by the pretty emerald green doors, and we can’t wait to see what he does with this space.


Lark & Linen 1

Source: Metrie

Designer Jacquelyn Clark, of Lark & Linen, is participating in the ORC for the first time this year. She will be redesigning her living room. Jacquelyn’s inspiration for her living room comes from our Fashion Forward Collection.


Christine Dovey is a talented designer that we’ve had the pleasure of working with on multiple projects. Previously through the ORC, Christine has designed a client’s piano room, her old ensuite bathroom and the master bedroom. This year, she’s taking on the huge project of her basement.


Jennifer, an ORC veteran, is gearing up to swap her living room and dining room, but with wide opening ties the entire space together and creates a formal living area. Blogger Jennifer has already started demo and gave us a hint at the design, we see beautiful blue and white fabrics on the horizon.


Old Home Love 1

Hat tip: Old Home Love

Andy and Candis Meredith are thrilled to be participating in the ORC for the first time. They will be updating their master bedroom suite in their 1859 “Love House.” This week, they’ll be making big decisions about style and color for the space. In the meantime, they’re tackling the floor.


Erin Williamson has BIG plans to renovate her cramped kitchen. And we can’t wait to see her vision come to life! Head to her blog to see more.


William and Susan Brinson will be kicking off their ORC debut by renovating their guest room. And we cannot get over the original trimwork throughout their house—#GOALS! If we had to describe it in one word: fabulous!


Up next is a peek at the guest bloggers’ rooms:

Designer Vanessa Francis is a seasoned veteran of the ORC—and we’re so excited she’s back again this year. She has previously designed a Parisian inspired master bedroom, a gorgeous kitchen, a playful art filled bathroom and a chic bedroom for her daughter, and a kitchen. This year she’s tackling her home office.


Amanda is a DIY Blogger from Ontario, and is excited to participate in the ORC challenge this year, and she’ll be designing her master bedroom. Her inspiration is soft neutrals with different metals for contrast. Check out her full plan here.


After much deliberation, blogger Cassie decided to participate in the ORC again this year. For this challenge, she’ll be taking on her hallway and staircase area of her home and using True Craft doors. The new palette? A chic black and white. We can’t wait to see how her space turns out!


Sarah is no stranger to the ORC, and this year she is taking on a new space. She’ll be using her professional interior designer instincts to incorporate baseboard and panel moulding into this Naturopathic Clinic. Sarah’s decided to make this clinic feel more like a spa, and we are so excited to see the serene and elegant final product!


Blogger Roxanne participated in the ORC last year, and this time around she’s redesigning her daughter’s room. After a few years of loving this dramatic paint, Roxanne and her daughter decided it was time for a change. The new design will be light and airy, full of neutrals and maybe even a green barn door. These six weeks better fly by, because we’re dying to see the finished room.


Blogger Joann will be designing her dining room for the ORC challenge this year. She’ll be incorporating trim elements from our French Curves Collection along with a palette of greys and neutrals, and we can’t wait to see how she will utilize those Ikons!


Hat Tip: Shannon Claire Interiors

Hat Tip: Burlap & Lace

Up next is designer Shannon Claire. She’s returning to the ORC and tackling the master bedroom in their 800 sq. ft. condo this time around. As you can see, the space is a blank canvas with white walls and a beautiful ebony stain. Even Shannon isn’t sure where this project is going, but we’re positive it will be gorgeous.


Nicole from the blog, Madness & Method will be taking on her brother’s bathroom for this year’s ORC. This space desperately needs an upgrade. We are particularly excited to see how our trim looks around the mirror.


Last but certainly not least is Ashley of, the blog Bigger Than the Three of Us. Ashley is no stranger to the ORC having completed a dining room and kitchen in past seasons. This year, she’s taking on her entryway and stairway space. Ashley’s time and budget won’t allow for the overhaul she’d like, but we’re sure her space will look completely new in six weeks. We can’t wait to see the finished space!


The One Room Challenge is one of our favorite times of the year! We can’t wait to see what these designers and bloggers are able to accomplish in the next six weeks. If you love before & afters as much as we do then you won’t want to miss a thing. Check out week four to see the progress everyone has made.

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