Sarah Richardson Wows With ‘Off The Grid’ Makeover

September 22, 2017
by The Finished Space

Episode Two: Solar Dates

In the second episode of Sarah Off The Grid, celebrity designer Sarah Richardson and her husband, Alexander, are making great progress in their home. However, a project of this magnitude wouldn’t be as tough as it is without all the unsuspecting problems.

This episode really highlighted the amount of work that has to be done for a project this size, and how frequent problems can arise. The couple ran into issues that ranged from welding implications to determining the cost of going solar to receiving multiple unsuspected problems, like flooding and broken tiles. Also, these weren’t any ordinary tiles, they were flown in from Spain!

Oh, boy, do Sarah and Alexander have a lot cut out for them!

Regardless, the powerhouse couple’s persistence and commitment paid off when they revealed the completed results of their home’s entire lower level! My, oh my, we couldn’t help but feel smitten over the marvelous outcome!

So, without further ado, let us give you a tour of this episode’s standout moments!

Guest Room

Metrie's tongue and groove panelling makes an appearance in Sarah Richardson's 'Off The Grid's' dream home's guest bathroom!

Source: HGTV Canada

From plain foundation to a luxuriously beautiful and welcoming room that’s sure to rival any top-rated hotels out there! Sarah designed a guest room that is a display of contrasting elements. The grasscloth wallpaper offers a rustic, outdoorsy element to the walls that contrast against the polished floral-patterned drapes. In fact, all the fabrics in this space possess warm tones that are counterbalanced by the neutral-colored carpet, tongue and groove wall-paneling and bedding. To further enhance the magnificent juxtaposed effect in this space, Sarah used a mix of old and new furniture, giving this space a sense of character in which exudes such warmth and hospitality!

Now, when can we come over?!

Guest Bathroom

Celebrity designer showcases an enticing moody guest bathroom that embodies various textures and colors!

Source: HGTV Canada

The luxe guest experience continues from the guest room to the guest bathroom. Sarah decided to go dark and bold in this space, and it’s clear she didn’t look back at this decision.

Carrying on the theme of contrasting elements and textures for an alluring contrast, this bathroom is no exception! From using refurbished barn timbers to glossy blue tiles to metallic and matte black fixtures and streaked marbled countertops, Sarah brewed a bewitching concoction of enticing patterns for the utmost visual impact!

 Bunk Room

A fabulous custom-made bunk-bed unit found in Sarah Richardson's 'off the grid' dream home.

Source: HGTV Canada

This bunk-room is located next to the guest room and is intended for kids to get together and play. The space’s aesthetic most definitely portrays a cohesive youthful charm that is inviting, to say the least.

But we can’t give this space props without recognizing that fantastic bunk-bed unit! Once again, using refurbished materials, Sarah and her team created this large bunk-bed unit that can host up to six kids!

Media Room

A rustically stunning media room in Sarah Richardson's Off The Grid home!

Source: HGTV Canada

A barn house inspired Media room that is accented with beautiful and large wood timbers.

Source: HGTV Canada


The largest space in the lower-level of Sarah and her husband’s dream home is the media room, a place to entertain the family and friends.

Sarah and her design friend, Tommy Smythe, used renewed barn timbers to add structural character to this space.



The rustic elements of the barn pillars accented throughout the area provided a rustic element to the otherwise modern-esque barn house.

We absolutely love how the reused wooden timbers not only add drama to the home but offers this newly built abode a little soul, as if life was breathed into this space!



Overall, these space showcases a mixture of functionality and form! Click here, to watch the entire episode. And we can’t wait to see the progress on the remainder of this off-the-grid home! Be sure to head over to HGTV Canada to see more of the house tour or tune into the network on Sunday at 10pm EDT to watch the spaces unfold!

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