Reno, Set, Go! A Race Against Time

July 24, 2017
by The Finished Space

Reno, Set, Go! has made its way to HGTV Canada and we can hardly contain our excitement! If you’re new to the show, Reno, Set, Go! centers around celebrity designer  Cheryl Torrenueva and contractor Roger Morin.

A family member will be nominated by friends and family for a surprise makeover. That’s where Cheryl and Roger’s expertise comes into play when they revamp a space in less than 36 hours! Consequently, the nominated family member will arrive home and see a newly transformed home to their surprise.

We love this show because it doesn’t just give back to deserving families, but it also highlights the hard work these individuals put forth.

Without further ado, let us give you a recap the premiere of the show which airs on HGTV Canada on Wednesdays with back-to-back episodes!

Episode One: The Houseguest

Murray is a chef who works long hard hours, and when he gets home, he wants to relax. However, when Murray’s young brother-in-law, Tristram, needed a place to stay, Murray and his wife Tamarah opened up their space without hesitation. A few months later, Tristram is still living there and Murray is starting to feel displaced at home, as he has to sacrifice his privacy, space, and time with his wife. With Tamarah’s help, Tristram wants to show Murray his gratitude by renovating the master bedroom as a means of offering Murray some privacy.

The master bedroom was incomplete and unorganized. Tristram and Tamarah believe if the master bedroom was redone it could become Murray’s sanctuary, a place where he can decompress and unwind.

The Reno, Set, Go! team came to the rescue as Cheryl used her design expertise to plan a stunning space, while Roger’s construction know-how brought her vision to fruition!

Cheryl and Roger added Metrie’s regional baseboard to the master bedroom. The baseboard possesses soft convex shapes and multiple beaded lines to offer architectural interest to the space.

We adore how Cheryl used crown moulding from our Pretty Simple Collection to add to the soft romantic feel of the room. We especially love how the crown moulding provides a heightened effect, which makes the room appear more spacious.

Moreover, we’re very fond of how Roger used panel mould from our French Curves Collection to create a marvelous wall treatment. The geometrically precise panel mould detailing adds depth to the walls!

Murray must be excited to get home from work with a space like this!

Episode Two: Making It Work

Charles nominated his wife, Marie, for the Reno, Set, Go! surprised makeover. Since their son, Ashton, was diagnosed with a rare epilepsy condition that puts his life on a daily basis, the family’s life was turned upside down. Marie often had to play the strong role, giving strength and courage to her family. She not only became her son’s advocate but became the leader of the household, all the while attending doctorate school full-time.

While they may have tried to make the best of their situation, their dysfunctional home layout is adding further unwanted stress on the family. Charles wants to show his wife his appreciation and love for her with a makeover of their entire main floor.

Enter the Reno, Set, Go! duo! Both Cheryl and Roger divided and conquered this renovation, and the results were simply jaw-dropping.

Cheryl and Roger also added in baseboards, something the couple’s house did not have previously. The baseboards are not just any ordinary baseboard, it’s Metrie baseboards that make an appearance in this space!  The baseboard adds architectural interest, which seamlessly ties the open-concept space together.

However, don’t just read it from us! Be sure to head to HGTV Canada’s Reno, Set, Go! to see the surprise makeovers from the first two episodes! We’re sure it’ll melt your heart! And catch an all new episodes Wednesday, July 26, at 9pm EDT for another #MetrieSighting! Then let us know on Twitter what your thoughts are on these amazing makeovers!