#MyMetrieTweets Contest Recap

May 3, 2017
by The Finished Space

We kicked off our 2017 #MyMetrieTweets Twitter Chat Contest on March 14th, and it was a complete whirlwind. The contest spanned 6 weeks and we had 13 lucky winners. Now that the contest has come to a close and we’ve had a chance to catch our breath, we wanted to let you in on some of the winning design inspiration our participants shared.

Week 1: the Kick-off

For our very first tweet, we kept it simple and asked our participants to share what their favorite uses of interior finishings are. We got a ton of great responses, but our favorite came from designer Hilary Ramsey and her gorgeous nursery design. We completely agree, Hilary, interior finishings add unique interest to a space.

Next, we asked designers and bloggers to share their favorite crown moulding style, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. Designer Kerrie Kelly won with her love of rule breaking, a girl after our own heart.

Week 2: Ceilings and Kitchens

To start week 2, we invited participants to look up and share photos of their dream ceilings. All of the answers impressed us, but one blew us away. Blogger Heather shared a gorgeous ceiling, with an antique flair (and cobweb free, thank goodness). That chandelier and wallpaper is just perfect, we’re in love.

On Thursday, we moved from the ceiling into the kitchen and asked our followers to share their favorite uses of interior finishings in the heart of the home. Designer Annette won the day with her beautiful cabinets, which were upgraded with crown moulding to create a truly finished space. Also, check out those gorgeous rose gold pendant lights.

Week 3: Heating Up

As we got closer to the middle of the contest, we decided to turn the heat up. Week 3 began with our designers and bloggers sharing their favorite fireplaces. Blogger Ariel stunned us with a picture-perfect mid-mod hearth. We’re still having dreams about it!

In part two of week 3, we asked our followers to share examples of interior finishings in bathrooms, because no space in a home should be left unfinished. Blogger Gigi pulled out all the stops for her entry and submitted a pic of the most elegant #allwhiteeverything bathroom, complete with freestanding tub and wainscoting.

Week 4: Spring Cleaning

Our first tweet in week 4 was definitely a desperate plea for Spring. The question? How do designers spruce up their interior finishings for spring? Designer Andrea’s answer was refreshingly simple, a deep clean. Right on, Andrea! Let’s not overlook those gorgeous finishings when freshening our houses.

Up next, we wanted to know how designers show their clients the full potential of interior finishings. Design firm Feia Construction responded and said their go-to is always product photos—and we love this image in particular because it’s from our IBS Orlando booth!

Week 5: A Place to Rest

We welcomed week 5 by asking about foyers! How do designers and bloggers create a truly inviting look using interior finishings? Interior designer Kathy Sandler said she designs a great first impression by creating a place to sit, decorated in a warm style. We are swooning over her idea for beauty and function in an essential space that sets the tone for the home.

From the entryway straight to the bedroom after a long week, our second week 5 question was “How do you use interior finishings to inspire a lavish bedroom?” We love a well-designed bedroom (who doesn’t, right?), and designer Evelina Mannarino definitely delivered. Adding columns with crown moulding is textbook elegance.


Week 6: The Grand Finale (AKA Three’s Better Than Two)

We kicked off our final week looking for some real #trimspiration, and asked participants to share their dream interior finishings look. There were so many great entries that we couldn’t just pick one. Blogger Jalene was our first winner with her beautiful mudroom. No room has an excuse to stay unfinished!

Our second Tuesday winner, blogger Melanie, shared a piece of trimspiration that’s on her board at home. We adore this creative use of interior finishings!

For the final day of our Spring #MyMetrieTweets Contest, we wanted to make a splash. We asked designers and blogger alike to share the ways they use interior finishings unexpectedly. Designer Shannon Acheson literally flipped interior finishings upside down and used door stop to create a coffered ceiling. The final result is so elegant. What a unique idea!

We had such a blast with this year’s #MyMetrieTweets Twitter Chat Contest! Thank you to all of our participants committed to sharing their #trimspiration, we had a fabulous time connecting and seeing all your creative ideas. Keep your eyes out for our next social contest coming soon!