Monthly Moodboard Inspiration: Shine Construction & Remodeling Inc.

November 6, 2018
by The Finished Space

Grand architecture with a contemporary spin is on display with this gorgeous, two-story living room by Shine Construction & Remodeling Inc. Our community knows good design when they see it—Shine was one of the 2017 Builder & Designer Challenge People’s Choice winners!

This living room has all of our favorite elements: a flood of natural light, a sophisticated mix of interior finishings, and plenty of personality. We can’t wait to show this room off with a moodboard that will inspire you for your next project. But first, let’s take a closer look at the room itself.

Metrie's Fashion Forward Collection is masterfully used in this two-story space

Combining dark, engineered hardwood flooring with plenty of variation, a serene color palette on the walls, and the sophisticated interior finishings from of our Fashion Forward Collection, the breathtaking space makes a statement. This traditional, yet contemporary, home in Arlington, Virginia is an absolute dream!

The inviting living room is truly the heart of the home as it’s visible from the second floor as well, courtesy of a simple landing that doubles as a balcony.  Architrave on the higher windows, as well as crown moulding applied to stately faux columns, reach up to the second story. Then, to ground the room, chair rail, panel mould, and baseboard are expertly used to create a wainscotting effect that balances the tall walls.

Want to recreate the look and feel? Take a look at the moodboard for all the inspiration you’ll need this month:

Shine Construction Moodboard

With varying wood tones, two hues of white paint and dark accents, this living room is bright and welcoming. We also love that the living room is flooded with natural light from windows both at eye level and above in the second story.

The furnishings tie the two-tone room together. If you’re trying to get the look, keep an eye out for a black coffee table, a couple of purple velvet arm chairs for a pop of color, an area rug to ground the space, and crystal lamps for additional lighting.

Luckily, we’ve got your whole shopping list, and some extra inspiration as a bonus, on our curated Pinterest board. We hope this month’s moodboard inspires you to create a welcoming living room for all the guests you’ll be hosting over the holidays!


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