Metrie Masters on: European Flair

October 18, 2018
by The Finished Space

European design trends have always been in the background—subtly influencing residential design. But recently, these trends have hit new heights of popularity in North America. Whether it’s curved lines inspired by the French coastline, or sleek, Scandinavian-inspired spaces, European influence is a key inspiration for some of our favorite builders and designers on this side of the pond.

Our Metrie Masters took European inspiration and created spectacular spaces using baseboard, panel moulding, crown moulding, and interior doors. Get a closer look at their designs and gather your own inspiration.

Jenny Martin Designs

Jenny Martin's Grand Prize winning space for Metrie's 2017 Builder & Designer Challenge

This romantic master bedroom draws influence from arguably the most romantic countries in the world: France and Italy. Jenny Martin Designs brought this old world aesthetic into the modern day. Our 2017 Builder and Designer Challenge Grand Prize Winner expertly chose white-on-white panel moulding to create a stunning display on every wall, and even added panel mould to the baseboard and crown moulding for a unique build up that ties the look together.

This space uses a clean palette and luxury textures to create a European oasis. The velvet headboard and chenille throw pillows and blanket elevate this space to the perfect level of luxury.

Curated Home by Chrissy & Co.

Bold accent colors and a graphic palette are the centerpieces of this design

Although it’s located in Vancouver, this boutique makes us feel like we’re on Avenue des Champs Elysées. Combining bold patterns, luxury textures, and vivid colors, this design showcases the lavish Parisian lifestyle perfectly.

The use of interior finishings from our Fashion Forward Collection pulls this eclectic mix of elements together into one cohesive and memorable design. The panel mould frames the mirror and light fixtures so they become works of art, while the crown moulding draws the eyes upward, making Curated Home by Chrissy & Co. feel larger than life.

Dlux Design

Dlux Design offers a refreshing office to step into to get work done

This contemporary, Scandinavian-inspired office space by Dlux Design won’t have anyone complaining about going to work. Their use of a clean, neutral palette, gold accents, and black hardware make for a classic space with modern touches.

The glass Fashion Forward interior doors welcome you into a bright space finished with crown moulding. Look closely and you’ll see the fabulous use of panel mould along the crown. The heavy furniture and countertop ground the minimal space and bring balance to create a calming workplace, perfect for those hectic days in the office.

Calista Interiors

Calista Interiors reveals a wow-worthy dining room, full of interior finishings

This dining room by Calista Interiors draws influence from the French countryside, and we wouldn’t mind having a mid-day croque monsieur in this elegant dining room. A neutral palette combined with natural wood is always a recipe for success, and this space is no exception.

From the sconces on the wall and complementary chandelier to the natural wood double French doors, this dining room borrows a fine array of elements from French country design. Panel mould completes the room by adding texture to the walls and the crown moulding tastefully tops the walls. Meanwhile, our French Curves architrave is used as casing, an innovative idea that brings elegance to the room.


Our Metrie Masters prove you don’t have to hop on a trans-Atlantic flight in order to get a European experience. We hope these spaces inspire you to bring elements and influence from overseas into your design, without having to pay for a flight.