Make a Stylish Entrance with the Heritage Series Interior Doors

October 8, 2019
by The Finished Space

Do you want to make an entrance with real impact? Then consider updating your interior doors. Whether it is used to adjoin two areas in your home or to conceal the messy contents within your closet, interior doors can enhance the style of any space.


Introducing Masonite’s Heritage Series interior moulded doors, these doors feature recessed paneling with classic lines. They incorporate detailing on the panel inset that creates the visual appearance of trim and shadow linesgiving your place the perfect detailed touch.

Meet the different doors of the Heritage Series and discover how different interior designers incorporated these doors into their spaces:


Source: Vanessa Francis Interior Design | Photography: Stephani Buchman

WHO: Vanessa Francis | Decor Happy
WHERE: Laundry Room
WHAT: Masonite’s Logan interior door, brought to you by Metrie

Behind Masonite’s Logan door is a quaint laundry room that showcases pink shiplap and tantalizing floor tiles.


Jo Alcorn's Tiny Mobile Home featuring Metrie's flat stock

WHO: Jo Alcorn
WHERE: Mobile Home
WHAT: Masonite’s Lincoln Park interior doors , brought to you by Metrie

This trailer transformation not only embraces natural light and an undeniable charm but also Masonite’s Lincoln Park doors, which were used to close off the bathroom and the main bedroom.


WHO: Sarah Gunn
WHERE: Bedroom
WHAT: Masonite’s Winslow interior door, brought to you by Metrie

Sarah designed this coastal-inspired master bedroom, featuring a soft blue and blush color palette that exudes a tranquil atmosphere.


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