Make a Difference in Your Space with Moulding

July 2, 2020
by The Finished Space

Interior finishings, like baseboard, casing, crown moulding, are found in almost every house. If you’re reading this in the comfort of your own home, take a look around and there’s a high chance there are interior finishings around you.

Yet, moulding can sometimes be considered an afterthought when it comes to the design process. So, with an array of different moulding profiles, there are simply endless opportunities for you to get creative with interior finishings to reflect your own aesthetic, no matter your style.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites before and after that really highlight the difference interior mouldings can make in a space.

This updated stairway showcases our Metrie Complete pre-painted shiplap. The crisp, white planks reflect natural light for an airier ambiance, yet the simple lines offer visual interest. To see how other designers and influencers embraced our shiplap for the home makeovers, click here!

Gwen, of The Makerista, transformed her basement into a spectacular space with the help of her husband, Micah. Gwen used simple solid pine screen mould for the wall design, and casing and baseboard from our Very Square Collection for the rest of the space.

Thesimple, yet intricate wall treatment adds subtle structure and architectural interest to the room without being too distracting.

Source: Coco and Jack | Photography: Cameron St. Visual Storytelling

Alyssa, of Coco and Jack, has certainly succeeded in transforming her family room, from bland to grand! This sophisticated family room adorns regional interior finishings and vertically installed Metrie Complete pre-painted shiplap behind the built-in shelves.

Source: Vanessa Francis Interior Design | Photography: Stephani Buchman

In this beautiful and rosy-hued space, laundry won’t seem so much like a chore! Using our Option {M} Modern Farmhouse shiplap and Fashion Foward baseboard and casing, Vanessa has created the perfect space that is sure to wash away all of your blues!


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