Jillian and Justin: The Beginning of an End

July 17, 2017
by The Finished Space

The W Network‘s hottest new docu-series Jillian and Justin has reached an end. This four-part series details the journey of celebrity designer Jillian Harris and her fiancé Justin Pasutto. Particularly, the show represents the beginning of an end for the couple. The end of their time in their old house but the beginning of their next adventure in their new home. The series captures the couple’s profounding moments, which include the birth of their son Leo to their engagement.

Here, we’re going to give you the highlights from the homes’ reveal! And if you want to relive the pinnacle moments of the previous episodes then don’t fret because we have a recap of those right here!

The Beginning of an End

A progress shot in case you can’t recall what Jillian and Justin’s dream home looked like before the reveal. The beautiful bones in this space already set up a certain expectation for us.


An in-progress photograph of Jillian and Justin’s new home and they couldn’t have chosen a better model! We must admit, we are obsessed with how the contractors created this wainscot wall treatment.  

Isn’t it gorgeous?! And we’re not just talking about that fabulous yellow dress Jillian is wearing.

The trimwork in this foyer is stunning! The architrave from our Metrie French Curves Collection beautifully frames the light blue exterior doors. While the crisp high-raised wainscoting adds a modest appeal to the walls. Not to mention, we adore the arched foyer as the soft line offers a warm and inviting ambiance to the space.

All in all who wouldn’t want to be a guest in this space, especially when Jillian and Justin are your hosts?

Next up, we have new mama Jillian and her adorable son, Leo, twinning in their new home! We love this image because the mirror’s reflection gives us a peek of Jillian and Justin’s finished space! We spot our regional baseboards which are 7 1/4″ tall. The grandeur of these baseboards adds architectural interest and drama to the room.  

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Now, we take a look at Jillian and Justin’s new laundry room. All we can say is, if we had a laundry room like this, we’d be looking forward to getting our clothes a little dirty!

Without mentioning the obvious beautiful elements in this space, we are drawn to the clean trimwork and meticulous use of crown moulding.


We don’t know who or what is emanating the light in this photo, whether it be the sun or the cherishable Leo! What do you think?

There are so many things that we love about this kitchen. From the casing and architrave that frames this gorgeous window to the beautiful undermounted farmhouse sink and the breathtaking view. We can’t possibly imagine what it would be like to wash the dishes or bathe a sweet baby as the warm radiating sun and gentle summer breeze filter through the house. Are you imagining it? Cause we are!

Head to the W Network and see the finale episode for yourself! We know you won’t be disappointed with how things unraveled. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the interior finishings in Jillian and Justin’s space on Twitter or down below!

2 responses to “Jillian and Justin: The Beginning of an End”

  1. Alexandra Shutich says:

    Can you please share with me the trim around the windows and doors. I know what the top is but what trim is going down the sides and what is being used on the windows as the Sill and at the bottom of her doors that block of trim seems taller and thicker? Thank you!

    • mm The Finished Space says:

      Hi Alexandra, 

      Thank you for your inquiry. Here is a breakdown of the profiles used in Jillian’s gorgeous space: the casing is 3 1/2″ MDF (MFPU496), the plinth block and the window sill were created using various sizes of our flat stock. Please note that the casing is a regional product that is only available in Vancouver because that is where Jillian is located.
      Here is a link to our regional catalogs in which you’ll find comparable items to the one Jillian has used. 

      The Metrie Team