‘It’ is Here for Halloween

October 26, 2017
by The Finished Space

With Halloween creeping up, we thought we’d shed some light on some hauntingly beautiful spaces that’ll put you in a scare!

Specifically, we’re going to be showcasing spaces in the abandoned house from Stephen King‘s highly recognized novel that has been adapted to become a commercially successful movie—It!

The Abandoned House With a Chilling History

Twenty-nine Neibolt Street lies this frightening and eerie abode. Director Andy Muschietti shared a candid photograph of him in front the abandoned home. One could only imagine how beautiful it was before the fire and before ‘Pennywise’ made it his home.

A Nightmare Materialized

Andy gave viewers a sneak peek of the interior of the abandoned house as well! Let us emphasize something, you should be very cautious, if not, very afraid of this house. Some of the story’s most horrific and terrifying sequence of events occurred under this roof.

With that being said, an unknown source of light reveals a combination of interior finishings that hints at how beautiful this house once was.

Experience the Neibolt House Hollywood

A haunted house experience was erected in Hollywood based on the famed property of 29 Neibot Street. Although the space is now taken down, you can watch the experience down below!

But be warned, the video is not for the weak of heart and is truly horrifying! But if you can make it through then be sure to have fun and be sure to look at the spaces contained within this disturbingly bewitching house.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!