A Heartwarming Home Makeover on the Marilyn Denis Show

May 9, 2014
by The Finished Space

There was not a dry eye in the studio audience at The Marilyn Denis Show on Thursday for the reveal of a surprise home makeover.

Celebrity designers Andrew Pike and Kasia Waloszczyk transformed four bedrooms in just three days for a very deserving family.  It was the biggest and most elaborate home makeover the show has done to-date.

Marilyn Denis Show - Facebook

(L to R: Liam, Robert, Cam, Rachel, Kasia & Andrew / Source: The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV Facebook)

Robert MacGregor and Rachel Milan have been married for 16 years and have three beautiful children: two boys, Cam age 12, Liam age 11, and a daughter, Marin, who is 13 and a half months old.

Just three days after discovering they were pregnant with their daughter, Rachel was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer.

It was their neighbor, Joanne Diggles, who wrote into The Marilyn Denis Show hoping to surprise her friend with a gift…a master bedroom makeover. A place that could be a sanctuary.

Having a new baby, battling cancer and the financial burden of Rachel quitting her job to go through treatment did not allow the family to make their new house a home. Their boys were sleeping with their mattresses on the floor.

So, what ended up being a makeover for the two boys’ rooms quickly turned into new bedrooms for all. The nursery and master bedroom rounded out the list.

Under the guise of having won a vacation, the family was sent away for a few days so the designers could work their magic. Only Robert was in on the surprise. Rachel and their children were none the wiser.

But the whole family had no idea a skid of beautiful Metrie mouldings landed in their driveway just moments after they left their Beamsville, Ontario, home.

The designers chose product from Metrie’s Then & Now Finishing Collections to incorporate in their designs.

Robert & Rachel's Room

Andrew used French Curves Scene II poplar mouldings to develop a calm master retreat. A grand crown moulding anchored the space and was produced by layering three pieces of trim. The serene wall decor combined beautiful wallpaper framed by the Scene II panel moulding and the space was finished off with the coordinating baseboard.

Andrew also tackled Cam’s room and was able to build texture on a feature wall by installing tongue and groove panels in a chevron pattern caped with Very Square Scene I MDF crown moulding. The dark charcoal paint on the wall decor set the tone for the super hero lair he was going for!

Boy's Room

For Liam’s room, Kasia chose the substantial True Craft Scene I MDF trim to produce a grid pattern on one of the walls. The finished result framed the world time clocks for the aviator inspired space. Very Square Scene II baseboard was also installed.

The nursery is a decidedly feminine little girl’s space. Kasia chose polka dot decals to accent the walls and anchored the space with a Fashion Forward Scene II baseboard. The soft lines of the baseboard perfectly complemented the wall decor.

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