A Gourd-Geous Moulding DIY

October 10, 2014
by The Finished Space

Don’t let the extra materials from your home renovation projects go to waste. Recycle them into festive holiday decorations, like using moulding to make pumpkins! Kelsey, of the blog Tattered & Inked, has all the how-to steps for you right here!

Pumpkins out of moulding -Tattered & Inked

Did you know if you used Metrie Pretty Simple Scene I 3 3/8″ MDF casing in a recent project and have some extra, it would be perfect for this DIY? This trim would make for some great pumpkins!

Also, here is another sweet DIY for Halloween: make candy corn using wood and beadboard. Click here for the step by step how-to.

Hat Tip: Tattered & Inked