Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: The Guest Participants’ Eye-Catching Reveals

November 12, 2018
by The Finished Space

Not long ago, we shared with you the featured designers’ fabulous spaces for Calling it Home’s Fall 2018 One Room Challenge™. Now, we are here to showcase the marvelous spaces that were designed and executed by the guest participants in the six, short weeks.

Our only caution is to have your Pinterest ready because you’ll be pinning these spaces left and right!

Bethany Grier | This Little Estate

Bethany was left with a pretty and pink powder room after the Challenge. To dress up the walls and ceiling, she used chair rail to create boxes, framing paintings and mirror within the space. We love how the pink walls contrast against the white baseboard. Now, this space exudes charm with the help of interior finishings, delicate decor, and a gorgeous chandelier.

Christine and Chris | Amidst the Chaos

                                                                    Hat Tip: Amidst the Chaos

Laundry won’t be so bad, now that Christine and Chris get to do the chore in this bright and functional space. The built-in, made up of Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap and Fashion Forward crown moulding, allows for more storage space in this combined mudroom and laundry room. Meanwhile, the chic decor, paired with French Curves casing and Fashion Forward baseboard, really brings out the charm of this space.

Jewel Marlowe | Jeweled Interiors

Jewel’s French Bohemian dining and living room is bursting with color, patterns, and textures! Our eyes are immediately drawn to the wall and ceiling treatment, accompanied by beautiful paintings, inspiring art, and gorgeous light fixtures. To create the unique wall treatment, Jewel used our panel mould. With so many fun pieces in this space, we can’t decide which decorative item is our fave!

Leslie Davis | Deeply Southern Home

With Leslie’s ornate use of our French Curves casing, chair rail, panel mould, and architrave, she has surely turned this grey wonderland into 50 shades of luxe! She used the interior finishings in a complementary way to add visual interest and depth to the space. The trim has an elongated effect that helps bring the eye up to the stunning vaulted ceiling. We don’t know about you, but we think Leslie certainly scored a home run with this transformation.

Sarah Gunn

Using Metrie' flat stock, Sarah Gunn creates a feature wall in her son's bedroom.

Hat Tip: Sarah Gunn

From varying blue hues to the ship-themed bedding, and water-front painting, this coastal-inspired bedroom is giving us some serious nautical vibes and we’re loving every bit of it. It’s as if the textured wallpaper is mimicking the glistening ocean’s waves. Not to mention, the feature wall behind the bed that’s made from our flat stock is there to help anchor the room, as it offers a dramatic yet demure touch to the space.

Thalita Murray | The Learner Observer

As Thalita’s twin toddlers grow, so does their room’s purpose. Her kids are surely taking the next step to being big boys now, as she swaps out the toddlers cribs for their own twin-sized beds. Thalita used our Very Square casing, and flat stock, as part of this awe-inspiring transformation. With that stunning wall-treatment, even grown-ups like us would want to stay in that space!

Vanessa Francis | Decor Happy

Vanessa Francis, of Decor Happy, uses Metrie's interior finishings in her sister's kitchen makeover.

Hat Tip: Decor Happy

To some, the kitchen is considered the heart of a home. After all, it is the place where meals are cooked which energizes the bodies, minds, and souls of our friends and families. It is a room or space that can be seen in any home across the world and is universally appreciated. And Vanessa certainly created a chef-worthy kitchen that is befitting of her sister, who actually happens to be a chef! Having used our regional casing and baseboard, Vanessa seamlessly mirrors the trim used throughout the rest of her sister’s home for a cohesive design.


These spaces have a special place in our heart and we hope their inspiring use of interior finishings left you feeling trimspired. A huge congratulations to these designers and influencers who accomplished no easy feat in just a few, short weeks!

In the meantime, in case you missed it, take a look back at the designers and influencers’ journeys in the past six weeks: