Fall 2018 One Room Challenge: The Featured Designers’ Must-See Reveals

November 9, 2018
by The Finished Space

The featured designers of Calling It Home‘s Fall 2018 One Room Challenge™ have officially crossed the finish line with their spaces. Comprised of both invited design influencers and guests, the semi-annual Challenge offers partakers only six weeks for them to design and complete a one-room makeover—talk about a race against time!

Without further ado, let us take you on a journey to explore these immaculate makeovers by the invited featured designers.

Ashley Wilson | At Home With Ashley

Ashley left us singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow with this pretty space! She beautifully crafted a built-in bookshelf, but what makes it really unique is that section by section, it’s color-coded. To add depth to the colorful master bedroom, she incorporated our Option {M} Modern Farmhouse shiplap to the ceiling, along with Option {M} New Traditional baseboard, chair rail, and crown molding, and boy does that wallpaper make the room pop!

Bre Bertolini | BrePurposed

Bre's dining room reveal featuring Metrie;s shiplap

Hat Tip: BrePurposed

Bre's living room and dining room reveal for the One Room Challenge

Hat Tip: BrePurposed

From the warm earth tones to the new and improved fireplace, there’s so much to love when it comes to Bre’s living and dining room reveal. Her use of Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap on the dining room ceiling gives the entire space just the right amount of modern and fun character, while the greenery and shades of brown keep it grounded and casual.

Candis and Andy Meredith | Old Home Love

Old Home Love revealed a magical

Hat Tip: Old Home Love

Pretty, pink, and perfect are the three things that come to mind while looking at this magical bedroom reveal! Candis and Andy expertly executed layered crown moulding inside their daughter Kit’s room. We just love how it meets the eye-catching wallpaper from the top, while chair rail and panel mould from our French Curves Collection meet it from the bottom. And how amazing does that French daybed look!? Bonus: The chair rail and panel mould continue in the bathroom, featuring another striking wallpaper, while the same crown moulding buildup can be found in their hallway makeover. We think it’s safe to say their daughter will be spending a lot of time in this space for years to come.  

Dee Murphy | Murphy Deesign

Dee just proved you’re never too old for bunk beds! Her guest bedroom just got a makeover full of golds and greens, and beds that make a statement. On the inside of the bunk bed design, our beaded tongue and groove paneling can be found along the walls, while beautifully patterned rug on gold rod is used as a headboard. On the outside, she used crown moulding which perfectly pairs with a bird-themed wallpaper. 

Erin Kestenbaum

Erin has wowed us with this tailored and fresh master bedroom and walk-in closet reveal! Let’s start with the bedroom, shall we? We are met with a serene space in a soft blue. For the wainscoting effect, she used chair rail, and New Traditional panel mould grounded by Fashion Forward baseboard. We are seriously jealous of her walk-in closet! The moody paint color looks magnificent paired with gold hardware. From the baseboard, our eyes can’t help but be drawn up by the crown moulding to a fashionably striped ceiling. And we have to say, the window bench is such a nice touch to this sophisticated makeover.

Holly Hollington | The English Room

Holly had a tall task of transforming her scullery, laundry room, bar, and office, but she conquered each room with rewarding results. We admire her fabulous use of our interior finishings and vivid palettes throughout each space, and especially love her use of Option {M} Modern Farmhouse shiplap in the laundry/dog room. We think the pups would have to agree too!

Kelly Lee | Kelly Go Lightly

For the past few weeks, Kelly has been keeping herself busy as she creates a cozy, chic, yet playful bedroom for her tween niece. Using crown moulding and casing from our French Curves Collection with other decor elements, Kelly created an alluring space that’s giving us some serious Beverly Hills Hotel vibes. We can only imagine how ecstatic her niece must’ve been to see the finished space!

Linda Holt | Linda Holt Creative

Embracing a new gorgeous color palette with electrifying pops of yellow is Linda’s master bedroom makeover. We love how the grand headboard works in tandem with our crown moulding to help the seven-foot ceilings in this room appear taller—making this oasis of a bedroom all the more desirable!

Michelle Gage

Michelle Gage boasts an exquisite use of Metrie's interior finishings in her Fall 2018 One Room Challenge space.

Hat Tip: Michelle Gage | Photography: Rebecca McAlpin

Michelle Gage took on a big task of overhauling her home’s formal dining for the One Room Challenge and it certainly paid off. Pops of vibrant colors and fun wallpaper give this space a whimsical ambiance, which is juxtaposed beautifully against the high rise wainscot wall treatment—made from our French Curves panel mould and our other regional trim profiles.

Shavonda Gardner | SG Style

Shavonda Gardner embraces shiplap in a moody hue for the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge.

Hat Tip: SG Style

Hat Tip: SG Style

From worn out to wow! Shavonda Gardner transformed her outdated bathroom to a daring space with a bold monochromatic color palette that is sure to capture your attention. We love how the bright skylight allows this oasis to feel more spacious as it contrasts against the black shiplap from our Option {M} Modern Farmhouse style solution.

Sita Montgomery | Sita Montgomery Interiors

Sita swapped out her client’s formal dining room for a stunning TV lounge room. Boasting a bold feature wall made with our flat stock to add depth and character. Complementing the sleek, clean lines from the flat stock is our Very Square crown moulding, which also gives this space an elevated sense of luxury!

Susan and William Brinson | House of Brinson

Gold metallic accents radiate in this bold bathroom. Having gutted their old space, Susan and William breathed new life into the bathroom with some impeccable design choices. The tantalizing new floors put you in a hypnotic state as you get lost in the elusive patterns. Meanwhile, the grid wall treatment, which includes flat stock and French Curves baseboard, add detail and texture in this 1800’s home.


Each and every one of these spaces have left us swooning, and we hope their exquisite use of interior finishings inspire you! Be sure to check back to The Finished Space for a recap of the guest participants’ reveals.

In the meantime, if you’ve missed it, here is a look back at the influencers’ journeys over the past few weeks: