Creating a Très Chic Parisian Apartment

February 8, 2016
by The Finished Space

Using her creative flair and eye for design, designer Christine Dovey gives The Marilyn Denis Show insider tips for creating a Parisian apartment in any space and we have all the details!

Christine notes first and foremost, when recreating a Parisian space you should think as though you are actually in an apartment in Paris, and consider what you notice. For Christine, what comes to mind first are the beautiful architecture, neutral color palette, and the mixture of classic and modern pieces.

To achieve the beautiful architecture found in Parisian apartments, Christine explains the importance of enhancing a space with interior finishings.

“The most important thing is the moulding,” she told Marilyn. “That will really bring in the old world element. It’s easy to do, it’s inexpensive, very budget friendly, and you can play with the proportions of your wall.”

To create this look, Christine chose the ornate lines from our Metrie French Curves Collection. She used Scene III poplar casing to create the paneling on the wall.

When it comes to selecting the color palette for your Parisian space, Christine advises to go neutral with whites and pale grays, avoiding yellow toned whites and bright whites. Selecting these neutral colors will enhance the architectural details in the space.

When selecting artwork to pair with interior finishings in a Parisian space, Christine’s advice is to choose big, graphic art, portraits or photography that makes an impact in the space and a piece that will juxtapose the lines in the moulding. Once it comes to placing artwork on a wall, Christine notes you are not limited by your trim instead, use the elements as a focal point.

For furnishings, Christine suggests incorporating a variety of pieces with a vintage feel as seen in the cream colored settee with a distressed look, contrasted with sleek pieces such as the lucite coffee table with a sixties vibe, and finish by incorporating some fun pieces such as sheep skin stools to add a touch of whimsy to your space.

To learn all of Christine’s tips for achieving Parisian style in your space click here!

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