Baseboard Trim & Moulding: Profiles, Styles and How to Install
Mar 28, 2022

Baseboard Trim & Moulding: Profiles, Styles, and How to Install

When most homeowners and designers think of baseboards, they think of the thin strip of wood at the bottom of a wall. However, baseboards are much more diverse than that. They range in size, styling, profile, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss the various aspects of baseboard trim and moulding, including a brief tutorial […]
How to Install a Prehung Interior Door: A Step-By-Step Guide
Mar 21, 2022

How to Install a Door: A Step-by-Step Guide

Many homeowners assume that you have to hire a professional contractor to do any type of work on your home. It’s well within your right, of course, but it’s not always necessary. For instance, installing a door is something that a novice DIYer can easily do without much difficulty. The process might seem overwhelming, but […]
Sep 10, 2021

How to Add Trim to a Kitchen Island

When you’re thinking about making improvements to your home, there’s nothing quite as exciting or satisfying as a kitchen island renovation. If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time gathered around this central space, either cooking, cleaning, prepping, or socializing. It’s where the kids do their homework when they get home from […]
Blue and White Cottage Bedroom
Jun 14, 2021

How To Turn Any Room Into Your Private Summer Cottage

By designing your home with inspired details and adding a few intentional style elements, you can get the look and feel of a charming cottage.
May 18, 2021

Father’s Day Gifts That Are a Present for You, Too

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so if you’re scrambling for what to get your Dad, partner, grandfather or anyone who plays a Dad role in your life, here are a few ideas that might inspire you.
Eco Friendly Home Designs
Apr 15, 2021

6 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly in Your Designs

Being eco-friendly in your strategy is a surefire way to make your home or buildings more sustainable in a way that goes beyond trendy design.
Redesigned dining area from episode 3 of Celebrity IOU
May 5, 2020

Celebrity IOU Ep. 3 With Viola Davis: From Close-Quarters to Open Space

We take a look at how this once cramped home turned into a relaxing retreat.
Redesigned living room for Melissa McCarthy's aunt and uncle, on Celebrity IOU
Apr 28, 2020

Celebrity IOU Ep. 2 With Melissa McCarthy: Accessible Aesthetics

Don't we all wish we had celeb BFFs? On the second episode of Celebrity IOU, Melissa McCarthy surprises her aunt and uncle with a home reno. Follow us as we give you the insider tips to treat yourself to your own DIY makeover!
A beautiful use of Metrie's shiplap inside this bedroom makeover
Oct 10, 2019

11 Rooms that Show Shiplap is Here to Stay

Shiplap walls continue to pop up all over Instagram. Get inspired by this versatile wall trend.
Check out these before and after photos, brought to you by Metrie
Oct 3, 2019

You Won’t Believe How Scary These Stunning Spaces Used to Be

There are scarier things than ghosts and ghouls; check out these haunting before pictures that turned into some of our favorite spaces. You won’t believe how designers, like Nate and Jeremiah, have taken these rooms from terrifying to trimmed and truly finished! Read on, if you dare! “Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make […]
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