Buyers Bootcamp Ep. 5 | Moving Forward with a Backwards Bungalow

March 28, 2018
by The Finished Space

Have you been watching Buyers Bootcamp with the savvy, Scott McGillivray, every Saturday? We were blown away by this home transformation.

Scott McGillvray's Buyers Bootcamp series

Source: HGTV Canada

In episode five, Builder Basic vs. Backwards BungalowScott McGillivray teamed up with rookie investors, Katelyn and Jessica, to turn around what seemed to be a backward home. Take a look at the magnificent makeover this home went through to go from cluttered to cozy.

To be honest, we’re not even sure where to start! The main floor boasts trendy, modern furniture, from the decor incorporated into the living room to the uniquely patterned kitchen flooring. Let’s also not forget the pops of color, alluring textures, greenery and prints throughout.  And that’s not even including the jaw-dropping renovation that took place in the basement.

This space, that was once an unfinished home to laundry and boxes, is now completely functional and inviting.

For a narrow space, it is certainly packing a lot of punch. McGillivray created a simplistic, contemporary kitchen, accompanied by an unconventional island, for a peek into the living room. Who else is loving the backsplash and those stools along the island?

The kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom of the basement apartment also feature our Very Square baseboard, with our finger-joint base shoe along the bottom, for a crisp, clean look; cohesive with the home’s aesthetic. We also can not overlook the gorgeous shelving space added along the living room and bedroom walls, perfect for showing off decorative items and books. Overall, McGillivray and the team went above and beyond to maximize this home’s potential—bravo!

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Tune into the DIY Network, Saturdays, at 10/9c, to see Scott McGillivray tackle more home renovations. For the Canadians, we have some good news: HGTV Canada will also have Buyers Bootcamp, with the first episode airing April 1!


If you’re unfamiliar, Buyers Bootcamp is a series in which Scott McGillivray pulls back the curtain to show the financial risks, and both the commitment and work put into real estate investing. Each episode gives two newbie investors the chance to pitch their properties to McGillivray, in which he picks the one that seems the most profitable. Making a gamble with his own money, McGillivray then works with them in renovating and flipping the home in hopes of making it more valuable on the market.