Buyers Bootcamp Ep. 3 | Brothers’ Bungalow

April 19, 2018
by The Finished Space

Real estate investor Scott McGillivray, was stuck with a tough choice on who to invest with, in the latest episode of Buyers Bootcamp.

Scott McGillvray's Buyers Bootcamp series

Source: HGTV Canada

With both properties seemingly having a similar budget and profit, McGillivray chose to partner up with three brothers, Matt, Jason and Braydon, to flip an abandoned bungalow into a show-stopping abode.

Talk about a transformation, right!? McGillivray and the brothers certainly gave this space a facelift. The crisp white baseboards and casing, and pops of greenery give the home a fresh feel, dismissing the once abandoned ambiance. With gorgeous paintings, sleek furnishings for added luxe, and a soft grey color palette, the entire home now boasts a cozy yet sophisticated vibe. We adore the new kitchen layout, now featuring an island and additional shelving for a fully functional space.

Let’s also not forget about the gorgeous geometric wall treatment, created with our flat stock, adorned by a vibrant wall and built-in storage, adding just the right amount of character:

Overall, this entire home incorporates a variety of contemporary touches, including the basement apartment:

It’s practically unrecognizable compared to the before! That nook looks oh-so-cozy, and we can’t get enough of the pillows’ contrasting patterns.

It’s safe to say McGillivray and the team breathed new life into this once neglected home.


Tune into the DIY Network, Saturday nights, at 10/9c, to see Scott McGillivray tackle more home renovations. Canadians, we have some good news: Buyers Bootcamp is now airing on HGTV CanadaSunday nights, at 9/8c.

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