Bryan Inc. Ep. 3 | Crisp Lines Meet Cool Blues

February 16, 2018
by The Finished Space

Handyman and award-winning television host Bryan Baeumler is partnering up with his wife, Sarah, for the second season of HGTV Canada’s popular series ‘Bryan Inc.‘ This series takes viewers inside the challenges of Bryan and Sarah’s new relationship as co-hosts. Although Bryan and Sarah’s contrasting visions and opinions result in hiccups throughout their journey, the couple’s humorous banter sees them through all design challenges.

Bryan and Sarah hit it out of the park for first-time homeowners James and Lisa. Take a look at our recap of the memorable moments from episode three.

Guest Bathroom

Bryan and Sarah incorporates Metrie's baseboards in James and Lisa's guest bathroom.

Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

Although James was initially unconvinced about the star-patterned floor tiles that his wife Lisa and project manager Sarah had selected, once he saw the completed space, he conceded. Now, who wouldn’t be in complete awe of such a marvelous space? The floor tile color palette complements the shower curtains and backsplash for a reserved and calming ambiance.

Meanwhile, baseboards from our Very Square Collection were used in the space. The clean lines possessed by the baseboards bring out the angular lines found on the bathtub and countertop accessories for a cohesive space.


Metrie's Very Square Scene II Baseboard makes an appearance in James and Lisa's ensuite on Bryan Inc.

Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

Next to the guest bathroom is the magnificent master ensuite. Without having window options for the space, Bryan crafted a sun tunnel to allow natural light to permeate throughout the area for a more aerated atmosphere.

That being said, our Very Square Collection baseboard continues its appearance in this space, as it adds subtle visual interest and helps frame the area.

With an ensuite like this, who would need a retreat to the spa?!

Powder Room & Office Corner

Metrie's Very Square baseboards and Masonite's Logan pocket door from the Heritage Collection makes an appearance in James and Lisa's home on Bryan Inc.

Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

The powder room’s wallpaper is boasting differing blue hues and tantalizing textures, it’s as though we’re looking at the clouds. Meanwhile, the hardwood floors’ rustic and earthy tones, adorning the crisp white baseboards, help ground the space for a more balanced environment.

Also, how fabulous is that mini-office nook? Looking at that wallpaper is sure to inspire your imagination!

Family Room

Metrie's tongue and groove wall panel encase James and Lisa's fireplace for a farmhouse appeal on an episode of Bryan Inc.

Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

In the family room, Bryan went the extra mile to transform this house into a home. He refurbished a wooden beam from the client’s family farm and turned it into a fireplace mantel.

Pairing the rustic wood beam with our tongue and groove wall panels created a simple yet gorgeous juxtaposition! Making the fireplace a true focal point in the space.

Metrie's baseboards, casing, and tongue and groove wall panels are featured in James and Lisa's family room on Bryan Inc.

Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

On the other side of the family room bears an alluring brick wall! Much like the wooden mantel, the brick wall possesses rugged lines and imperfections that contrast beautifully against the clean and angular lines from our Very Square Collection baseboard and casing.

Not to mention, how fabulous are those cushions? The vibrant blue hues in tandem with the bold yellow offer an eclectic touch to this otherwise demure space.

Kitchen & Dining Room

Metrie's Very Square Scene II baseboard is found throughout James and Lisa's kitchen and dining area on Bryan Inc.

Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

Now, using the same baseboard found in other spaces, Bryan and Sarah were able to add structure and help frame this resplendent open space. We must admit, we are definitely swooning over those simplistic light fixtures!

Bryan and Sarah continued to embrace blue tones throughout the home and into the dining room and kitchen for a cohesive look, as evident by the enticing drapes and kitchen cabinetry. Through simply incorporating a few items with a pop of color, Bryan and Sarah gave the area a sense of warmth and character that elevated the space.

Well, that concludes our recap of this episode’s most memorable moments! However, don’t just read it from us! To take a look at James and Lisa’s reaction to this fabulous transformation, click here. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the upcoming episodes on Sundays at 10pm ET on HGTV Canada!