Architectural Trends for 2015
December 30, 2014
by The Finished Space

According to Canadian House & Home, “architectural trends are all about attention to detail.”  So it should come as no surprise that the Metrie Fashion Forward living room, designed by Sophie Burke, is featured in the magazine’s annual trends issues as one of seven thoughtful ways to enhance your living space.

In this January issue you will find the editors’ predictions for the hottest trends in 2015.

House & Home - Metrie Fashion Forward - 2015 Januray Trends Issue

Launched in 2014, the Metrie Then & Now Finishing Collections of coordinated interior trim and doors are unique in the marketplace and professional designed to make it easy for consumers to select and design with interior finishings. The Collections have also been recognized in a recent issue of This Old House in their top products of 2014.

Metrie offers something that you can’t find anywhere else:
professionally designed Collections of interior finishings,
from crowns to Ikons to interior doors.
Style that lives at the intersection of timeless and modern, of then and now.