An Enchanting Owl-Themed Nursery

June 5, 2018
by The Finished Space

Nurseries can be the perfect place to showcase your personal design flair, and there is absolutely no need to spend a fortune in an ever-growing and changing room. Investing in a few key items and making wise (pun intended) design choices still gives you the opportunity to optimize your little one’s nursery.

So, those currently in the nesting phase, or those simply looking for some inspiration, let us give you an inside look of one of the most charming and delightful nurseries! From functional yet beautiful decor to the meticulous use of interior finishings, this owl-themed nursery is here to make a bold and whimsical statement that’ll make you say, What a hoot!

A charming owl-themed nursery features Metrie's interior finishings.

As we enter the nursery, we’re greeted by an array of tantalizing patterns and alluring blue hues, fit for welcoming a baby boy. From the chevron patterned glider chair to the plaid blanket, and interior finishings, this space—without a doubt—is inspiring our inner designer!

The bold navy blue feature wall has not only captured our attention but also our hearts. Since we’re talking about the feature wall, it is comprised of our regional Option {M} Modern Farmhouse shiplap and then topped off with striking white crown moulding. Meanwhile, baseboards from the same curated style frame the other walls for subtle visual interest.

That being said, we adore how the large window in this nursery allows warm, natural light to permeate throughout the endearing space to work in tandem with the closet doors, shown below.

A whimsical owl-themed nursery embracing Metrie's interior finishings.

The mirror closet doors help open up the room by reflecting the natural light, making the nursery appear brighter and, ultimately, more spacious!

Isn’t that owl banner on top the closet just darling?!

To keep a cohesive ambiance, the homeowners chose casing from Option {M} Modern Farmhouse, which really helps frame the doors and window.

An owl-themed nursery, featuring Metrie's crown moulding

Above the changing table and the dresser is this lovable three-piece owl portrait, emphasizing the enchanting theme throughout. However, our eyes kept moving upwards only to be stopped by the soft curves in the crown moulding.

Both clean and demure, the profile adds a sense of simplicity and aesthetic appeal to the room. It also adds a  heightened illusion to the nursery by adjoining the wall and ceiling, making the space seem taller and airier.

A close up images of a nursery room featuring Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap

Made from our poplar flat stock, the rustic and playful shelving proves that it does not matter how big your space is, as long as you are a little creative with the storage and displaying of decor! Seriously, our hearts cannot help but flutter with all of the sweet owl accessories. Meanwhile, the parents can rest easy knowing their child’s sweet, and oh so precious dreams are being captured in this marvelous dream catcher.

All in all, this enchanting owl-themed nursery has left us both in awe and feeling cheery!


While all of the interior finishings used in this nursery are from Option {M} Modern Farmhouse, it is important to note that the products are regionally based out of Ontario, Canada. But not to worry — you can explore Option {M} Modern Farmhouse and our other styles in your area or region by clicking here!