A Dream Basement Makeover on The Marilyn Denis Show

October 24, 2016
by The Finished Space

Celebrity designer, and friend to The Finished Space, Andrew Pike teamed up with The Marilyn Denis Show, Tara Ballantyne, Make-A-Wish, Metrie and other generous sponsors to help transform a basement for a much deserving 15-year-old named Jack.

Since Jack was born, he has battled a rare genetic condition known as Becker’s muscular dystrophy, which over time has limited his mobility. Hearing Jack’s story, The Marilyn Denis Show was quick to jump into action to create a space that would be both stylish and accessible to give Jack back his independence. The space the Marilyn team undertook was the basement, which Jack shares with the rest of his family.

Although the space had good bones, the decor and finishings was uninspiring and not accessible for Jack.

So the team put together a grand plan to create a modern LEGO themed space where Jack and his family would be comfortable and be able to spend more time together.

To create a ‘lad pad’ for Jack, Andrew and Tara kept the color palette dark, even painting the interior finishings black. To create this modern look, Andrew used a combination of the Metrie True Craft and Very Square trim elements.

Black trim surrounds a hardboard door to create a modern feel. Image Source: Make A Wish.

Source: Make A Wish

Simple hardboard doors and flat stock were used to create a streamlined look in the space. A mural of a city skyline was carried over the doors and was finished off with simple flat stock, which was used as casing.

One of the focal points in this space was the unique fireplace which was created using Metrie Very Square Scene II panel mould. The panel mould was stacked on top of each other giving the fireplace a modern look and feel.

Optimized-The Marilyn Denis Show pulls off an amazing basement renovation

Source: Make A Wish

The finished space is the perfect mix of sophistication and playfulness fit for a family and a growing teen to create lots of wonderful memories. To watch Jack’s full basement makeover, click here and to learn more about Jack and his story, click here.