7 Ways Trim Can Heat up Your Fireplace This Winter

December 13, 2017
by The Finished Space

Fireplaces not only add warmth to a space in a literal sense but in a figurative sense as well, through aesthetical means by enhancing architectural interest and character.

Here is a list of ways you can enhance your fireplace with trim that’ll have you roasting chestnuts all winter long!

1. Sky High Treatment



Create a ceiling-high design to form a perfect fireplace treatment! You can also use flat stock to create architectural intriguing lines to add dimension!

We love the bold use of black paint which really makes this fireplace a focal point in the space! Wouldn’t you agree?








Use tongue and groove paneling or shiplap to create a sky-high ceiling treatment that is architecturally intriguing, to say the least.

We adore how the minimalistic elements of this fireplace contrast beautifully against the black painted bricks!



2. Trim Galore

Spacial Effects Design built an elegant and functional fireplace using Metrie's Fashion Forward, French Curves, Very Square, and True Craft Collection trim elements. Image Source: Metrie.

Source: Metrie

For a truly customized and unique look, try using different trim profiles to create a contemporary look!

You could apply a variety of trim profiles on the pre-existing fireplace you have or build it from scratch by layering the different moulding on top of each other!

Take a look at the image above for some inspiration. Spacial Effects Design built a functional and elegant fireplace by layering trim elements from our Fashion Forward, French Curves, True Craft and Very Square Collections.

3. Geometrical Intriguing Casing

Casing is predominately used for your windows and doors, but who says it couldn’t be used in other areas? Apply casing to create geometrically intriguing lines for your fireplace!

The space above uses our trim elements from our  True Craft Collection to create a one of a kind fireplace.

We love how concaving lines adds depth and architectural character to this Brooklyn basement.

4. Tracing Panel Mould

Large storage unit wall encases fireplace in a lustrous green paint, which is further enhanced with thick panel mould. Image Source: ELLEDECOR.


You can achieve a similar look to the fireplace above by using chair rail, panel mould or casing. Using interior finishings to trace your fireplace can help define it.

This trick is perfect for those who are looking for an understated or modest design that won’t steal focus from the rest of the space!

On a side note, how adorable is that coffee table?!

5. Embellish with Ikons

Metrie's Pretty Simple Rosettes adds flare and character to fireplace. Image Source: Metrie.

Source: Metrie

You can give your fireplace a little pick-me-up with our Ikons.

Our Ikons can be used for a wide variety of home decor applications but this application is particularly lovely.

6. Befitting Crown Moulding

Metrie's Truft Craft trim elements creates a distinctive fireplace treatment.

Source: Metrie

If you want a more dramatic flare then try adding crown moulding. Yes, you read correctly, we said, ‘crown moulding.’ And here’s why.

Crown moulding adds a deceptive heightened effect when installed onto your ceiling. The same effects are available when you place them on your fireplace. Thus, making your fireplace appear taller, larger and grander than it actually is!

Take the image above as an example. The crown moulding from our True Craft Collection possesses direct, linear-lines that radiate a sleek, West Coast contemporary vibe. Paired with casing from the same Collection that frames the fireplace, this room creates a marvelous living area.

7. Simple Shelving Unit

Add flat stock on top of your fireplace to create extra shelving space. This is a simple, yet functional trick! It’s a great way to maximize your room without needing to sacrifice your fireplace!

And you can easily add a half round to avoid any sharp edges on your shelf! P.S. How charming is that woven basket?!

As you may see, trim is highly versatile and its application can be used beyond its original purpose.

So, let us know down below or on Twitter on how you feel about these tips! For more trimspiration, be sure to follow us on Instagram!