10 Rooms That Mix & Match Then & Now Finishing Collections

November 9, 2017
by The Finished Space

We love seeing all the different ways builders and designers are using our Then & Now Finishing Collections. This month, we’re featuring our favorite mix and match spaces, where genius design pro’s combine multiple Collections to create unique looks.

Come on a journey with us to explore these fabulous rooms:

Andrew Pike Interiors

This gorgeous converted church feels modern with on trend decor and simple interior finishings.

This gorgeous Greenwich inspired loft is the perfect blend of modern style and traditional touches. We adore everything from the sleek cabinets, to our True Craft doors as well as our Very Square rift-cut white oak door, baseboards, casing and clear stained crown moulding. This style combination creates a refined and contemporary look, perfectly suited to update a historical building. Bravo, Andrew Pike!

Atmosphere Interior Designs

Atmosphere Designs absolutely knocked it out of the park with this combination of interior finishings.

Atmosphere Interior Design used not one, not two, but four of our Then & Now Finishing Collections! We love the combination of our Fashion Forward chair rail, Pretty Simple doors, Very Square architrave, French Curves panel mould and casing in this stylish home.

Wayne Homes

Wayne Homes' mix of interior finishings creates a unique craftsman feel.

Everywhere you look in this beautiful abode, interior finishings are on display. We adore how Wayne Homes used the crisp lines  of our Very Square Scene I crown moulding, along with the ornate forms of the French Curves Scene I architrave to create a unique look.

Maison Design + Build

We love this graphic kitchen, especially those windows!

Maison Design + Build switched up their room’s design by using Fashion Forward crown moulding and True Craft baseboard. Putting these two Collections together creates an on-trend, yet glamorous feel by combining sophisticated and authentic styles.

G.A. White Homes

Opulent home office? Yes please!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this is one of the most beautiful and finished home office we’ve ever seen! G.A. White Homes masterfully uses Fashion Forward crown moulding, panel moulding and baseboard with French Curve Ikons for a transitional look.


#allwhiteeverything is our absolute favorite!

Who's up for a spa-like bathroom?

In Marval’s craftsman home, the designers paired simple True Craft doors with Very Square crown moulding. The thoughtful combination of these two Collections creates strong, crisp lines that pay tribute to the home’s craftsman heritage.

Terrene Homes

Who wouldn't want to take a break in this gorgeous living room?

Above, we said that combining our Very Square and True Craft Collections can create a craftsmen feel. Terrene Homes awed us by taking that combination and creating an elegant aesthetic. Terrene Homes expertly mixes these two Collections in their contemporary home by using True Craft casing with Very Square baseboards.

Spacial Effects Design

This fireplace is sure to be the focal point of your room.

Talk about mixing and matching! Spacial Effects Design used a truly unique combination of trim elements from all of our Collections to create this showstopping fireplace. We think their use of interior finishings is magnificent!

Robinson Trim

A two story living room is the perfect canvas for these interior finishings.

Both classic and charming, this home is an absolute dream! A moody palette and chic use of trim makes this space an updated traditional home. Robinson Trim used Pretty Simple baseboards and Fashion Forward casing to achieve a sophisticated look.  

Atmosphere Interior Designs

We love this dark and dramatic room!

We know, we know, we’ve already featured the amazing design duo Curtis and Trevor, of Atmosphere Interior Design, in this post. But really, how could we not showcase this space? This home is absolutely gorgeous. They used our Very Square architrave with a Pretty Simple baseboard, Fashion Forward panel mould, and French Curves casing—beautiful.

We hope you found some inspiration for your next project here, but if you’re looking for more, check out our favorite panel moulding looks, architraves, ceilings, interior doors, and wainscoting for even more swoon-worthy rooms.


Every moulding element within each of our Then & Now Finishing Collections have been meticulously designed, so each joint and reveal is seamless. If you are considering mixing and matching interior finishings from our various Collections, we suggest consulting with a design professional to ensure the profiles you select create the proper reveal.