Metrie’s facility in Richmond, Virginia is one of North America’s largest oak moulding mills. This facility has a deserved reputation of producing some of the best quality Oak moulding in the world



Metrie™ exclusively manufactures Appalachian Red Oak, which features the following benefits:

Superior stain ability
Oak mouldings are suitable for all colors of stain or clear coat finishes. This versatility allows you to finish your oak mouldings to match doors, floors or cabinets with a variety of wood finishes.

Consistent color
With little variation in grain or color, you can easily install oak mouldings throughout the home without spending time matching each piece. They are a consistent light brown shade with a hint of red.

Steady grain
The beautiful grain of Appalachian Red Oak allows for a wide range of styles. This oak does not exhibit the open grain or dark gray streaks that are prevalent in Southern Red Oak.


The following products are available from Metrie manufacturing:

  • Clear stain grade mouldings
  • Moulded S4S boards
  • Stair and Floor components


  • With hundreds of standard moulding profiles to choose from and the ability to custom manufacture to our customer’s exact specifications.
  • The “Signature” Oak series is a premium product offering. Using best Appalachian Red Oak, the mouldings are profile sanded using industry leading Wenig finishing to achieve a furniture-like finish.
  • Metrie™ Virginia also manufactures high quality S4S Boards sanded on all four sides, ranging from 1/2”, 1”, 5/4” thickness and up to 12” wide.
  • Metrie™ also produces both unfinished and pre-stained Red Oak flooring accessories.


Metrie™ is an industry leader in quality and production standards and we provide our customers with a superior product. This enables them to sell at premium prices, which results in higher sales and higher margins.

  • Located in the heart of Red Oak country, most of the lumber comes from within 200 miles of the plant. Having low freight costs on raw material and the ability to buy a proprietary grade specific to the manufacturing of mouldings, provides a significant competitive advantage
  • Ability to match existing or create new custom profiles
  • AutoCad generated templates mean the height, depth, and face of the profile we manufacture remains true to the original design, ensuring quality and consistency
  • Users of Weinig moulders, the leader in the industry. Our tolerances are well above the industry norm at +/- .2mm and quality checks are performed every 3000 lf to give our customers peace of mind

Metrie’s Oak products lend timeless aesthetic and broad versatility to any project.