Naturally Wood

Wood. Organic, natural – there’s nothing quite like it. Strong and durable, yet soft and warm, a family of personalities each expressed through grain and character. Bold, reserved, mysterious, determined.

We use wood as a catalyst for transformation. Each species has the power to redefine a space and lend a character that is completely unique. Red Oak can create a warm and traditional look, while Poplar creates a crisp, modern feel. Understanding differences between types of wood opens new doors to design and brings us closer to the natural world.




Douglas Fir






Hemlock - is a design chameleon; it can be used to create a variety of different looks simply by switching grain direction, types of stains and more. Its diversity of looks makes it a designer favorite. Embrace your style with a stain or play with alternating grains for a unique look.

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Red Oak - is versatile, yet traditional. It is the hardest wood in our offering and creates a strong, traditional look with a red undertone. Use Red Oak with a variety of stains to evoke a Colonial feel that glows with red warmth. Red Oak can be found in the Pretty Simple Collection and in other Metrie products.

White Oak - A designer favorite, this hardwood has a decidedly Contemporary look and can be found in the Very Square Collection. By using rift cuts, which run from the center of the tree outward and are perpendicular to the grain, White Oak creates long, linear lines that echo the personality of minimalist designs. Create a West Coast Contemporary style with a glossy white, or get an Urban Edge with the year’s popular colors. Both paints and stains lay well over White Oak’s grains, while still allowing them to show through.

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Douglas Fir - A soft wood, Douglas Fir is offered in two different grains. The mixed grain truly celebrates the wood’s natural feel and depicts a Southwest style with a creamy, sun-washed tone. You can also paint it a warm white to create a Bungalow style. The popular vertical grain is a prestigious cut of the Fir, combining multiple linear lines stacked on top of each other. Showcase the beauty of its vertical grain with a dry-brushed, cool gray stain for an of-the-moment look.

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Poplar - Another designer favorite when paint-grade wood is needed, Poplar is one of the harder woods in the softwood species. Typically, Poplar’s smaller lengths of wood have been used to create finger joints, where ends of pieces are notched and slide together – just like interlacing your fingers. We have aligned and combined sections of Poplar to create larger lengths of this beautiful wood, also known as engineered Poplar. Accent its crisp grain lines with rich tones of stain or paint it for a more modern look.

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Eastern Maple - A harder, straight-grain wood, Maple adds a natural luxury to any space. Maple’s blonde color and mild graining create a contemporary look and works well with many different stains. Add a varnish for a woodsier feel, or coat it with a medium stain to make it more contemporary.

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MDF - Soft and easy to install, MDF offers similar benefits to Finger Joint Pine. It is manufactured in standard builder lengths; is free of knots, splits, checks or raised grains, and copes and miters easily.

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Complete™ - Pre-finished mouldings save time and are a cost-effective choice - providing a premium quality finish with no down time on projects or site finishing, painting or staining, after installation and with no mess or clean-up time required.

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