Turn doors into a folding screen

  • Difficulty: Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium

Break up spaces beautifully with this classic folding screen. Distressed paint and the details found in the Metrie™ French Curves™ Collection create an opulent piece to set your stage.




Step By Step

  • 1
  • Paint doors white.
  • 2
  • When doors are mostly dry (but still tacky), blot surface with a rag or sponge to create a distressed texture.
  • 3
  • When dry, add gold detail paint.
  • 4
  • Once detail paint has dried, apply Sienna glaze to doors.
  • 5
  • Mark and predrill holes for hinges, ensuring that they match from door to door for an evenly finished piece.
  • 6
  • Install hinges with screws.



  1. (4) 20" x 80" French Curves solid doors
  2. Three sets of antique hinges with finials in antique bronze finish
  3. White paint
  4. Sienna glaze
  5. Gold paint for detailing