Dress Up an Entryway and Create a Mini Mudroom

  • Difficulty: Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium

Step By Step

  • 1
  • Paint the lower section of the wall a different color than the wall above, being careful not to divide the wall exactly in half. Here, we aligned our entryway moulding with the moulding in the next room to create a natural flow through the home.
  • 2
  • Paint your panel moulding, architrave and wooden pegs the same color as your lower wall.
  • 3
  • Measure and mark the placement of your panel moulding rectangles on the wall.
  • 4
  • Cut the panel moulding pieces according to the size that you’ve outlined, cutting the ends on a 45 degree angle with your saw.
  • 5
  • Attach each piece to the wall using your hammer and finishing nails to create the rectangles.
  • 6
  • Cut your architrave to run the length of the wall. If your wall is longer than the piece of moulding, join the two pieces with a scarf joint by cutting the joint ends on complementing 45 degree angles.
  • 7
  • To place the pegs, drill the desired number of holes in the flattest area of the architrave face just large enough to hold the base of the peg securely and spaced evenly.
  • 8
  • Using a level, place the architrave at the desired height on the wall, ensuring that you cover the paint seam between the two colors.
  • 9
  • Hammer the architrave to the wall using finishing nails spaced evenly and not interfering with the drilled peg holes.
  • 10
  • Push the wooden pegs into place.
  • 11
  • Use putty to fill any nail holes and let dry. Once dry, sand the puttied areas and touch up with paint.



  1. Wooden Pegs
  2. Paint
  3. Metrie Architrave
  4. Metrie Panel Moulding