Create fabric and wallpaper inserts

  • Difficulty: Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium

Add a rich, textured touch to your walls with this new way to set your stage. Fabric and woven leather wallpaper combine with rich, dark stains to create a classic feel with this project.




Step By Step

  • 1
  • Determine the spacing and size of your panels. You may have to plan for multiple sizes.
  • 2
  • Mark your wall so that you can see where you will need to apply the wallpaper. Make it approximately 1" wider on each side, as well as the top or bottom. When you install the mouldings it will cover this extra wallpaper.
  • 3
  • Stain pieces of moulding.
  • 4
  • Cut your moulding to make a frame that will wrap around your panels.
  • 5
  • Install the mouldings using finishing nails.



  1. Pretty Simple™ Scene II panel mouldings
  2. Pretty Simple mouldings
  3. Textured wallpaper
  4. Stain