Create a built-in dining room hutch

  • Difficulty: Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

Display your fine china and dining ware in an elegant hutch that draws attention. Metrie™ Pretty Simple™ mouldings turn an existing hutch bump-out with glass doors into a clean, yet beautiful focal point of a dining room.




Step By Step

  • 1
  • Remove any existing shelves and trim. The shelves will be added back in or you will need to purchase shelves to fit.
  • 2
  • Create an opening as you would for a door into a room or work within an existing built-in space. The new doors will need a 4 9/16" space all around the opening for the jamb to set into. When measuring for both height and width, be sure to leave a small gap so that you can shim the jamb to allow for the proper spacing between the doors, and to make sure the doors open and close evenly and smoothly.
  • 3
  • Paint all exterior pieces using the color you selected.
  • 4
  • Paint interior of cabinet using the color you selected.
  • 5
  • Install painted pre-hung door unit.
  • 6
  • Add the moulding to the front of the shelves using the construction adhesive or finishing nails.
  • 7
  • Starting from the bottom up, install the plinth blocks. Be sure that the casing legs are centered in the middle of the blocks. To do this you may need to adjust the placement of the plinth block.
  • 8
  • Install the fluted casing. This will cover the gap created to install the door frame. Be sure to keep an even reveal all the way up the jamb leg and make the casing legs just long enough that when the header is installed, the reveal on the header to the jamb is the same as the casing to the jamb.
  • 9
  • Cut a piece of flat stock so that it is the same height as the panel moulding used. The end should be even to the outer edges of your fluted casing. Attach to the wall across the top, sitting on the fluted casing legs.
  • 10
  • Wrap the panel moulding on the outside of the piece you made in step 9. Wrap it back to the wall. This will create separation between the doors and the header.
  • 11
  • Depending on the wall height in your room, cut two pieces of fluted casing that will sit on top of the piece you made in step 9. They should be in line with the long pieces of fluted casing you used to trim the sides of the door frame.
  • 12
  • Cut a wide piece of flat stock to the same height as the two smaller pieces of fluted casing. The width of this piece should fit right between the two fluted casing pieces.
  • 13
  • Use a piece of 1' x 2' flat stock and cut it to the width of the outer edges of the top fluted casing. Install on top of the small pieces of fluted casing and the panel made in step 12.
  • 14
  • Wrap your piece of 1' x 2' with your crown moulding and your built-in hutch will be finished.



  1. (1) Pretty Simple 30" x 84" clear glass double hung door system. (size may vary on your opening)
  2. (7) Pretty Simple Scene I mouldings
  3. (1) French Curves™ Scene I small crown moulding
  4. 1x 12 flat stock
  5. 1 x 2 flat stock
  6. (1) French Curves Scene I panel moulding
  7. Fluted casing
  8. Plinth block
  9. Two colors of paint – one for the interior and one for the exterior
  10. Screws
  11. Nails
  12. Ball stops for top of doors
  13. Door knobs