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Each Collection contains a series of coordinating moulding profiles, called Scenes. The Scenes range in wood species, size and design to allow flexibility in creating unique spaces.

French Curves Scene I

Scene I

Scene I elements are constructed of quality paint-grade, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for durability and ease of installation.

French Curves Scene II

Scene II

Scene II Elements showcase pronounced convex designs in a fluid statement, which can be finished to express your style with stain, glaze or paint.

French Curves Scene III

Scene III

Scene III Elements include extra curves for a more elegant look, higher crown mouldings that create an illusion of height, and engineered Poplar construction that takes paints, stains and glazes.


Every element fits together with ease: All moulding elements - baseboard, casing, crown and more - are designed dimensionally and proportionately to work together with little or no need to adjust or create build-ups during installation

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