Crown Mouldings in Bathrooms

Crown moulding isn't just for cathedral ceilings and regal rooms. And with the latest bathroom trends moving towards building the most tranquil environment possible, what better way to get that relaxing, lush look than by including crown moulding in any bathroom design.

There's almost nothing we love more than seeing some of our favorite designers bring our Finishing Collections products to life through their own personal style and design touch.

We want to help inspire you to take your next bathroom design project to the next level, so we've broken down a few of our favorite bathroom designs that feature our crown moulding.

Holly Golightly's Dream Bathroom

Step into a bathroom right out of Holly's dream world. This certainly isn't what your grandmother imagines when she thinks about crown moulding!

Designer Lisa Mende really makes this room as unique a space as you could hope for, and her use of crown moulding and trim from our Fashion Forward Finishing Collection is the perfect example of making our products fit your space.

All the Luxury. None of the Scandal.

If luxurious bathrooms are the latest trend then a bathroom fit for royalty is the ultimate goal. Designer Regina Sturrock was inspired to create a space fit for escape from royal scandals by the bestselling novel Anna Karenina.

Crown moulding and chair rail from our French Curves Finishing Collection hold their own in this bold room, and we love her use of mixed textures and layers to achieve this old-world aristocrat look.

A Parisian-Inspired Retreat

Let's be honest, who hasn't dreamt of escaping to the French countryside after a long work week? Well, designer Andrew Pike achieved just that and brought our French Curves Finishing Collection to its perfect home in this modern French cottage bathroom.

Every accessory, down to the silver waste basket sets your mind on simpler times on the French countryside. We're loving every minute.